Any CFWS work in the 2019-20 FWS online show?

Let us know so we can give you recognition. Email the .jpg of painting, name and title, we’ll update this post with your accomplishment.

“Tilting at Windmills” by Nancy Dias’ was juried into the FWS 2020 Online Show by Judge Carrie Waller. This is Nancy’s seventh FWS Online appearance, she is a P2 in FWS.

Also, “Loving-that-Nectar” by Teresa Chin, CFWS Past President & web contributor.

And, “Irish Fisherman” by Marian Wagster.

And another, CFWS represents!

“Bee Harmony” by Susan Grogan.
This is her second online show, and she is a P2 for FWS.


“ Charles Reid with Corn Cob Pipe”  by former CFWS president Cindy Sturla, first time in FWS Online Show

One more.  “Prague Musicians” by Mary Dall, Past CFWS President.

And another…

“Mamie’s Manor” by Vickie Morley.