November 4, 2018 Meeting Recap

         Jane Brinckerhoff presented a slide show on how to resize images for competition in art shows. All watercolor societies are going digital This is very important information for all artists wanting to enter shows. With warmth and humor she walked us through the steps and pointed out that we have a video, on our website, on using the online editor Pixlr. Look under Member’s Resources_CFWS Tutorial: Resizing Images.

Cindy invited a special guest: Rachel Frisby, Curator, Albin Polasek Museum, to discuss our upcoming summer show: “Precious Pollinators: The Central Florida Watercolor Society,” Exhibition: May 7 – August 25, 2019. A BIG “Thank You” to Cindy Sturla for all her hard work with Rachel to set up this show! It is a huge accomplishment that Cindy has been working on for close to a year now!

Kim Minichiello talked about the upcoming Florida Watercolor Convention in Orlando next year. Many volunteer opportunities will be available to fill. Also, remember to sign up for the workshops early!

Our own CFWS member show will be March 4 – 30th at the Casselberry Art House. Deadline for submissions is January 6, but don’t wait until the last minute!

Marcela Moglia passed around the Plein Air/Pop Up booklet for volunteers to sign in. Our last 2 Pop Up events that our United Grant funded are in December 21 in the Mt. Dora Center for the Arts Gallery and January26 at the Orlando Science Center. We still need a few more teachers and artists for these venues… Please contact Marcela or Teresa Chin. Thanks!

Judi Kaye made an announcement about MOPS, an organization for mothers of preschoolers. Donations of small paintings and cards for their party in December would be terrific. Deadline to Judi is Nov. 16. Please contact her for pick up or mailing instructions. The artist/CFWS will get credit and recognition for the donations.

December 2, The CFWS Holiday Party will be a bit smaller this year.    The Board will provide substantial finger food, snacks, coffee and tea.  We ask that the members help us supplement our contribution with any additional small platters finger food and sweets they would like to bring. Since we are working with a limited serving space we ask that you DO NOT BRING  HOT PLATES, CASSEROLES, COOKING POTS, LARGE PLATTERS OR FOOD WITH SERVING UTENSILS.  SNACK OR FINGER FOOD ONLY, PLEASE.

Our space is limited and we have to downsize this year. Krys Pettit has been working hard on organizing and getting special surprise gifts for us.

Our silent auction is still running and you still have time to make a bid on the Used Sony Handycam HDR – CX 330 which does video and still photography.

Backyard Biodiversity Day ay Mead Gardens – Plein Air/Pop Up Recap

It was another fun and educational day at our Backyard Biodiversity Day Plein Air/Pop Up in the lovely Mead Botanical Garden, on October 20. We had 27 audience surveys filled out by folks who came from Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties. Most of our ratings were 10 out of 10! The comments were very positive, some examples are – “Loved the interactive painting.” “Wonderful experience! Haven’t watercolored in a long time!” “love the ability to have my child participate in a relaxed setting” “My 7 year old daughter loved painting and learning!”

Karen, Mary, Diana and Terri thank all the families who stopped by our tables and learned about painting the native plants and animals of Florida. Many purchased native plants, and took them home to help feed pollinators and birds.

Our next Plein Air/Pop Up is December 21 at the Mt. Dora Center for the Arts. We will be teaching from 1 – 4 in the gallery . Stop by and join in the fun!

Call to Artists – Show Opportunity

Entries are now being accepted for:

 2019  Florida State Fair Creative Living Competitions

February 7 – 18, 2019

4800 US Hwy. 301 North, Tampa, FL 33610


Fine Arts Divisions :          Adult (18+),

Senior Adult (60+)

Artists with Disabilities


Entry Deadline:  Friday, December 14, 2018

Open to all non-professional Florida Artists.

Cash Awards in each Division.

For information on the competitions and the handbook on how to enter,

Go to

Under the State Fair tab, choose Creative Living Competitions –

Then Under Arts & Crafts, see Fine Arts (Adult)

October Meeting Recap

The 20TH ANNIVERSARY WATERCOLR MONTAGE – Each member picked a layout and signed their names in a vertical or horizontal layout box. Images can be of anything that strikes your fancy on the campus of the Altamonte Chapel. The artwork will be presented to the chapel at our March 15 reception. See Janet Asbury for more details. Don’t miss out!

October 20 – Backyard Biodiversity Day 9 – 3, at Mead Gardens. Hosted by Fla Native Plant Society, Tarflower Chapter. We’ll be participating, with plein air painters. Karen and I will teach at kids corner. There will be oil painters there as well, so a chance to explain to families how watercolors are different.

Faye announced we still have a few openings for the Niko Floyd drawing workshop on Nov. 3, at the Lake of the Woods Clubhouse!

The Florida Watercolor Convention was a blast! I saw Chauncey’s wonderful demo, Steve Rogers, Ted Head, Jamie Cordero, Sue Cotton, Lynn Ferris and Robin Lee Makowski – the digital director for FWS. She talked about how to do the CaFé submissions. . . FWS 2019 Non-Signature Member Online Show submissions Oct. 6 – Dec. 3..

Jane announced – CFWS invited to exhibit about 20 -24 paintings in the public offices of the Orange County Property Appraiser from November 5 – January 4, 2019. Deadline to submit your images is Friday October 12.

Nov. 4 meeting will start at the sanctuary then move to the social hall  1.) Jane Brinckerhoff will be presenting a slide show on how to resize images for competition in art shows. This is very important for all artists wanting to enter shows. All watercolor societies are going digital.

2.) Special Guest Rachel Frisby, Curator, Polasek, will be speaking: “Precious Pollinators: The Central Florida Watercolor Society,” Exhibition: May 7 – August 25, 2019. A fascinating glimpse into art surrounding one of our most important natural resources, the bee and other pollinators. The Polasek gives center stage to the plight of this conservation issue through a celebration of color, native flowers and plants all expertly executed in watercolor. All exhibited works will come from the vast membership of the Central Florida Watercolor Society, which boasts many professional and award-winning artists. Bee mindful of all the beauty that is a direct result of the humble and hardworking bee and learn what each of us can do to help save pollinators. 

Silent Auction – something new we are trying for 6 months, at our meetings. We are putting up our formerly used Sony Handycam HDR – CX 330 which does video and still photography for auction. Information and sign up sheets are at the meetings.


Notes from the Bob Hague Portrait Demo:

He likes to use Arches paper.

He paints in 3 colors mostly. Drawing is measuring, adjusting, correcting. He uses the “Golden Mean” for composition.

He started his painting using DaVinci Red Rose deep and M. Graham Azo Yellow for basic flesh tone. Mix a BIG puddle. Push up a Cerulean blue into the red, for a violet. Push it into the orange for a brown. Then make puddle of Cobalt. Ultramarine on the far end. Sometimes he cheats with Burnt Sienna into Ultramarine blue for good grey or brown.     Her hair is burnt sienna plus cobalt then ultramarine. It can be painted in 3 to 5 layers. Pull out highlights with brush.

He refers to for everything about watercolor paints that you would want to know.    

Watercolor particle sizes affect tinting and transparency. (Smaller are more transparent.) Blues particle sizes: Cerulean like basketballs. Cobalt like baseballs. Ultramarine like bee bees.Bob has 3 things he decides:

  1. wet, medium or dry brush
  2. mixing the paint .. thin or thick? He starts with milk/cream consistency, then goes down to tea.
  3. paper … wet or dry? Paint wet into wet or not.

At the end of the meeting, our model won the 50/50 drawing! It was lots of fun!

Mennello Museum Plein Air/Pop Up Recap

It was a fun and educational day at our Mennello Plein Air/Pop Up by the lake on Saturday. We had a record 33 audience surveys filled out by folks who came from Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Polk counties. Most of our ratings were 10 out of 10! The comments were very positive, some examples are – “I love how limitless art can be.” “I learned different techniques for my artwork.” “Love to learn.” “It was so relaxing-made my day! Instructor was fabulous!”

Faye, Mary and Terri thank all the families who stopped by our tables and shared a gorgeous day out in the sculpture garden.

Our next Plein Air Pop Up is October 20 at Mead Garden. We will be involved in the Backyard Biodiversity Day. Stop by and join in the fun!

painting under the magnolia tree

CFWS & the OCPA Office Exhibit


CFWS has been invited to exhibit approximately 20 -24 paintings in the public offices of the Orange County Property Appraiser from November 5, 2018 to January 4, 2019. There is no theme for the exhibit, but the paintings must be family friendly as they will be hung in the lobby to be enjoyed by the residents of Orange County who visit the OCPA offices. Larger paintings are preferred, and should be properly framed and wired to hang. (The office staff will not handle any sales, but OCPA staff will provide a space for bios, business cards/flyers, etc., and will direct any inquiries back to the artists.)

There is no fee to participate in this exhibit.
Acceptance will be in the order work is submitted, based on the space available, and subject to final review and acceptance by the Office of the Property Appraiser.
Since this is an exhibit only and not a judged show, paintings that have previously been in our shows and paintings that are a few years old are acceptable.

Drop-off is Monday, November 5th; details will be provided.

The deadline for entries is Monday, October 9th.
To submit work for consideration, e-mail Jane Brinckerhoff at with your name, telephone number and preferred email address.
• For each painting (limit of 2), include the Title, Framed Size, and Price and attach a JPEG image of each painting.
• Please make sure the JPEG is labeled as follows: LASTNAME_firstname_Title.
We will be sending the JPEGs to the Property Appraiser’s Office for review and approval, make sure your image is a good one!  For tips on photo taking and resizing, go here in Member Resources.

September Meeting Recap

In case you missed it / President Recap for – September 9, 2018

The 20th Anniversary Season or our watercolor society has begun! We had a great turnout for our first meeting of the season “What I Did This Summer”. There were large and small paintings and many sketchbooks on display. It was a fun event with a lot audience participation! The 50/50 drawing included, 4 tickets for the Orlando Science Center and 2 for the Mennello Museum. Congratulations to the winners!

These are the dates for the 2019-2019 – 20th Anniversary Season including our United Arts grant – Outreach/Pop Up projects:

September 9 – “What I did this summer”

September 20 – Deadline for the Mr. Dora Center for the Arts non juried show.

September 22 – Mennello Museum of American Art, Plein Air/Pop Up. A FREE family event coinciding with Smithsonian’s Museum Day. Painting from 1 – 4 PM.

October 7- General meeting with demo by Bob Hague.

October 20 – Mead Botanical Garden,10 am – 4 pm. In conjunction with Backyard Biodiversity Day activities. Pop-Up event teaching watercolor techniques.

November 3 – One day drawing workshop with artist Niko Floyd.

November 4 – General meeting with demo by Jane Brinckerhoff & “Special Guest”.

November 17, 2018 – Kraft Azalea Gardens Plein Air/Pop Up

December 2, 2018 – CFWS Holiday Party

Dec. 7th – 28th Mt. Dora Center for the Arts exhibit,

Opening Reception on December 14th

Dec 21, 2018 – Mount Dora Center for the Arts,10 am – 4 pm. Pop-Up/Plein Air In conjunction with the CFWS Non-Juried Show. Includes teaching watercolor.

January 6, 2019 – General Meeting and Demo by Karen Bowden

February 10, 2019 – General Meeting and Demo by Roberta Lerman

February 16 – Plein Air at Roberta Lerman’s home.

March 3 – General Meeting/Demo by workshop artist Michael Holter, NWS, TWSA, OPS, SWS

March 4, 5, 6 – Three-day watercolor workshop with Juror/Workshop Artist Michael Holter at the McRae Art Studios.

March 4 – 30. 20th Anniversary CFWS Members Juried Exhibit. Celebration and reception will be determined.

March 16 – Plein Air at Cornell Fine Arts Museum in Winter Park.

April 7 – General Meeting and Demo by Connie Hamilton

April 20 – Pelin Air, Caryn Dahm hosting in Oviedo, location TBD.

May 5 – General Meeting and Demo by Rebecca Wilkinson. Election of officers.

May 18 – Lake Lily, Maitland (Final Plein Air for the season)

NOTE: We need 2 volunteers for the hospitality table at our October meeting!   We will also need teachers for the Pop Up events.   Email Teresa Chin to volunteer.


FWS Convention this month

The Florida Watercolor Convention will be held September 27 – 30, 2018
in Sarasota. Congratulations to the CFWS members who are displaying
this year at the FWS exhibit. Exciting products will be offered and CFWS
member, Chauncey Nelson, will be doing a demonstration.

Still time to register, FWS Convention Registration.