Summer of Art Changes

Ok, this is a work in progress. We’ve changed the limitation to the show from 25 to all submissions. We will display one work per member at any given time. All submissions will show online but one work per artist will show at any given time. If you submit more than one work, we will replace any currently showing work with the new submission.

Renew your membership and send us your latest work!

Ralph Dunagin was a favorite…

We all have our favorite watercolorists. Some for their color and boldness, others for their creativity and draftsmanship. Ralph Dunagin was one of my favorite CFWS watercolorists and I always looked forward to our annual show so I could see what Ralph was up to.

“His paintings, like him, were quiet, but spot-on in drawing and color combinations.” said Ken Austin, a long time friend and fellow artist.

Ralph recently passed and he and his talent will be missed.

His full sheet watercolors won awards each year.
Below is a selection of his work that appeared in past annual shows while he was an active CFWS member.

Ralph was a cartoonist for the Orlando Sentinel for almost 40 years.  Read his story.

2020 Creative Confinement Challenge, by FWS members, is on line!

The Florida Watercolor Society challenged members to paint art just 64 inches square, or 8x8inch. This unique online exhibition is up and open 24 hours a day for your viewing pleasure. Work had to be created after the stay-at-home order of March 13th. It is fun to see the many different interpretations of sheltering in place, from the view of an artist! Over 100 entries are available for purchase. So, sit back relax and enjoy the show with your favorite beverage.

CFWS members in the show: Teresa Chin, Charlotte “Charlie” Cipes, Caryn Dahm, Diane Darnall, Susan Jane Donohoe, Diana Eagles, Nancy Larkin, Kim Minichiello, Marcela Moglia



Summer of Art Online Show

We invited our members to submit paintings to our online show and what a response. Originally planned to take this live on June 20th but since we are ready to go, WHY WAIT?

We are showing 25 paintings and will be rotating new work into the show every 14 days. If you don’t see your submission this time, check back June 20th, it will be posted. If you get rotated out, feel free to submit another. CFWS members with current dues paid for 2020-2021 Season are eligible.

Summer of Art Rotating Online Show.

Cudos to the committee: Diane Darnall, Janet Asbury, Jane Brinckerhoff and Mike Malloy.

Ron Malone’s rescheduled live demo – June 14th, 2:30 – 4 pm

NOTE: Ron has just changed the Hat Lady to Cynthia Hunter.

If you have not registered but want to be included:
YouTube link:

06/14/202:30am -06/14/204:00pm

Due to technical difficulties, this live demo has been rescheduled. Ron has sent out a new invitation for our society members:

     “Many of you were there, waiting, Sunday, and I did not show up.  My computer froze and you know the rest.  I won’t let that happen again (how embarrassing).  I now have two computers set up (one as a back up) for the next broadcast. As planned for yesterday’s event, I will paint in watercolors, a portrait of Thelma Battle.  Thelma is one of twenty-five “Hat Lady” portraits I am painting. She has her 99th birthday this month and she plans to be online, watching.”

This is a follow up to his demo on October 6, 2019. Click on the link below to watch him paint a “Hat Lady” portrait live!

Date is now June 14

Time is 2:30 – 4 pm.

You can ask questions or make comments on the chat board.

Pompeii Show: Latest info July 28, 2020

July 28 update:
Good news!   The dates of the CFWS members “ Images of Pompeii” show will be –  October 23, 2020 – February 7, 2021. 
The show drop off will be on Wednesday, October 21st and uninstall the show on Monday, February 8th. 
That will be a very long run for our beautiful artwork! Our art will hang for the entire time of the Pompeii show.
Details are now being worked out and Cindy, Marcela and I will be on it.  So mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details to follow.

Again, thank you so much for your patience, Terri, Cindy and Marcela

July 12, 2020 – Pompeii the immortal city is now scheduled for Oct. 26 to Jan. 24, 2021.

Sydney is working with her boss to get us our drop off and pick up dates. It may be a while longer but it is happening!
As soon as she knows, she will let us know. She is setting up her fall and winter exhibit dates and I told her what the Central Florida Watercolor Society has on its calendar so far. So things are still moving along!

Stay safe out there and thank you for your patience, Terri, Cindy and Marcela

thank you for your patience, Terri, Cindy and Marcela