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May 2017 Recap

Sunday May 7, 2017

The president welcomed new members and guests. She reminded the membership to renew now for the next season—2017-2018. She presented the nearly completed 2017-2018 calendar of events and explain why we are moved to the second Sunday for most of our meetings in 2018 due to holidays and venue date requirements. She said the newest calendar will be in the newsletter and it will be updated as events change.

Mary was excited to be able to announce that after CFWS finishes out the 2017 part of the 17-18 season, there will be a change in venue. We will meet at Germaine-Marvel until after the 2017 Christmas party and then in January we will begin meeting at Altamonte Chapel Social Hall at 825 E. Altamonte, Altamonte Springs with doors opening at 1:00. CFWS members will no longer need to haul the equipment from Public Storage to set up and contend with take down and restoring. From January 2018-May 2018 we will be renting from the Altamonte Chapel using their large, bright social hall with the option to continue at the facility. We are very excited about this venue.

  • They will provide on-site storage in an A/C facility.
  • Sound system is already in place.
  • State of the art projector will be installed or we can use the TV or mirror. (our choice)
  • They will bring the equipment to the hall and set up all the tables and chairs we need.
  • They are more reasonably priced than A&H keeping our expenses to where we won’t have to raise dues.
  • Ample parking and lovely grounds.
  • Library will no longer have to cart books and magazines from place to place; books can be securely stored on site.
  • We will be able to use the venue for workshops too if we desire.

We are hoping to have a plein air event on the site prior to a general meeting. Our longstanding member, Jean Stirling’s memorial  was at this chapel and several of our members were present. All of them asked if the facility might be available to us. Your board made that happen!

Mary announced that Nancy Larkin and a few other members meet on Tuesday morning in College Park near Princeton (behind the elementary school area) from 9-1 to have a free painting session. She encourages others to join them. Contact Nancy Larkin for more info.

Kim Minichello, CFWS member and future president of FWS, is actively seeking donations for the FWS silent auction. Items do not have to be art related. Mary encouraged members to ‘clean out their closets’ and see if there are items to donate.

Recently we lost a longstanding member of our group—Robert Woodring. His wife asked Mary to let the membership know that she will be disposing of his art supplies. She is relocating. Mary added the list of items for sale to the “Sell and Trade” Book and made Jan Woodring’s email available. She should be contacted directly if anyone is interested in items. Mary will send a general notice around to the membership during the week.

Plein air chairperson, Marcela Moglia, informed the group that there would be some very interesting plein air events next season and that, along with the week-end events, she is planning some week day specials.

VP Teresa Chin reminded members that we still need artists to submit jpgs for the Bloomingdales exhibit and that the deadline has been extended a week. Ken Austin, one of the judges—along with Rebecca Wilkinson, asked folks to use his gmail address when sending the images.

Before presenting the names in nomination of the new officers and introduce the board, Mary acknowledged the members of the 2016-2017 board and thanked them for their outstanding service. A rousing round of applause followed.

Mary called two members to the front and acknowledged them. Pam Merle will take the last remaining chairperson slot—workshops. (Rich Lewis and Mary Dall will assist her as we transition.) Sharon Stitely-past hospitality chair-volunteered to take the September and October hospitality duties for Marge Reed who vacations with her family each year during that two-month slot. Sharon volunteered for this service last season also. Both ladies were acknowledged and were applauded by the assembly. Mary also explained the voting procedure. Officers are voted on. Chairpersons are appointed. VP and nominating committee chair, Teresa Chin, presented the slate of officers.

President: Teresa Chin

VP: Krys Petit

Secretary: Ann Hague

Treasurer: Jerry Snyder

President, Mary Dall, for her last official act, called for a “yea” or “nay” vote. The vote was unanimous and the new officers were voted in. Mary congratulated Teresa and the new board. Applause ensued. Teresa Chin,  the newly elected president, presented Mary with a parting gift and thanked her for her service. Again, applause followed. Mary thanked everyone again for their assistance and encouragement and especially noted Teresa’s support as a wonderful vice-president.

The group stopped to have snacks and mingle.  Members returned to their seats for the demo.

Our demo artist, Mike Bisceglia, asked to introduce himself and then proceeded to entertain and delight the assembly. His anecdotes had us all laughing until we were in tears. Then, he narrated  a computer presentation of some of his paintings.  Lastly, he presented a demo that included his blowing bubbles technique. The assembly was enthralled and Mike was having fun, as were we. A lovely afternoon was had by all! Sunday was a great, and entertaining, end to the season.

Our next official general meeting will be September 10, 2017 to begin our 2017-2018 season with our annual “Show and Tell” where each member brings in one painting (usually worked on over the summer) and tells about it.

April 2017 Recap

April 2, 2017

The president welcomed new members and guests and asked for any new folks to get up and introduce themselves. Mary reminded everyone that the renewal for the 2017-2018 season is now underway. The board has been working hard to keep the cost at $40 for the season.

Mary encouraged participation in the 50/50 donation raffle.

The president thanked Tom Jones for introducing us to Dixon-Ticonderoga. Tom offered an initial two-day workshop, March 30-31 with 16 participants. We learned a lot from Tom, of course, but also Dixon treated us to a nice lunch both days, gave us a tour or their museum and not only provided us with free samples of their new paints, but also provided samples of their newest paper lines—both cold press and hot press. A fun time was had by all. Thank you Tom! Thank you Dixon-Ticonderoga.

The president highlighted that the board continues to work to complete the new season calendar. We were fortunate to have two people come forward with interest in the VP slot that opens as Teresa Chin moves up to the presidency. Assuming the presidency after two season as the VP is always a consideration and Krys Pettit felt she would be in a position to move up two seasons from now. We are still in need of a workshop chairperson. Mary reminded the membership that positions could be filled by two friends who wanted to work together.

We just heard discovered that the Terrace Gallery has been slated for renovation during the from Dec. 2017-June 2018. This means that our member show there will be transferred to another venue. We will still be working with the new director and will confirm that we will maintain the March 12-May 25 dates as planned. More info to follow. So much for me having the calendar done in April—we will aim for the first part of May before the new board is installed. Leu Gardens is being considered.

The board has been working on some Policies and Procedures including some new things we’re going to initiate. The board approved a small perk incentive for officers and chairpersons. There will be a $50 reduction in cost to officers and board members who wish to attend workshops. Each chair receives this discount. If two share a chairmanship, the reduction too would be shared. We’re giving this incentive a try for the 2017-18 season and probably the 2018-19 season to see how it works. We are also trying to determine a fair deduction in workshop costs for the workshop assistant. The workshop chairperson is able to attend workshops for free, but in order to enjoy the perk they need a workshop assistant. The job of workshop assistant had sort of “fallen through the cracks” in recent years. The board has decided to have a written statement under Policies and Procedures for this non-board position that can be assumed by various members during the year. At the April board meeting we will approve the reduction amount in workshop fees the assistant will be given along with a specific list of duties. These will be on our website and available in the newsletter once approved and voted on.

Mary reminded the assembly that we will have a special demo by Mike Bisceglia at the May meeting and the election of officers for the 2017-2019 seasons.

Marcela Moglia, Plein Air chairperson, got up to speak and reminded everyone of the upcoming plain-air events and to check the website and newsletter for updates.

VP Teresa Chin addressed the assembly with the latest on the Bloomingdales event over the summer. She then introduced Dana Daydodge, who was featured in the Orlando Arts magazine, as our demo artist. After drawing the 50/50 donation winner, Dana demonstrated watercolor on Yupo paper, talked about color, papers and innovative use of watercolor. Thank you Dana!

The meeting adjourned at approximately 4:00.

Call for Artists: Theatrix event details

Theatrix! is a calling for all things dramatic, including art that addresses theatrical productions, breathtaking performances, dramatic and timeless issues, documentation of dramatic moments, situations or stories, and abstracts communicating a sense of the dramatic in life.  From the grand and glorious to the tragic and grim, submissions addressing the cinematic qualities of life, on or off stage, are welcomed. Examples include:

  • Greek Tragedies,
  • Shakespearean Plays,
  • Modern Plays from the 1800s to now,
  • as well as Novels that have been made into theatrical productions.

Rules For Submission:

  • This is a Juried Exhibition; Submission is free. You will not charged a fee unless your art is accepted into the exhibit. The fee will go towards our promotional and advertising costs.

  • The submission fee is $10 for up to four (4) pieces for jurying. Submission fees are due on delivery day.

  • Payment is a 50/50 split. Understand that CityArts Factory receives 25%; Art For All Spaces receives 25%; and you the artist receive 50%. Please price your artwork accordingly.

  • All submissions must be by email by April 5th 2017. All submissions are to be emailed to

    • All submissions must include a photo of each artwork to be considered. Please label your photos with the artist name and artwork title (ex. JohnSmith_TheaterStillLife.jpeg)

    • Please include the title, medium, and price for each artwork submitted.

    • All submissions must include a written statement concerning the relevance of your work to the theme; Please do not submit an artist biography – only a statement about the artwork. Please limit the length of your statement to no more than a paragraph or two. We will print your statements to accompany your artwork at the exhibit.

    • If multiple submissions fall under the same topic, only one artist statement is necessary.

  • Notification of acceptance or denial will be handled through email no later than April 9th.

    • All mediums are acceptable: paintings, mixed media, photography, digital, sculpture, etc. If you have questions, please call or email using the contact info below.

    • All two-dimensional artwork must be ready to install (this means wired). Sculptors must have their own pedestals. Any work delivered that is not ready to be installed will be rejected outright.

    • Delivery of artwork and payment of jury fee will be on Saturday April 15th and Monday April 17th at CityArts Factory in Downtown Orlando between the hours of 11am-6pm.



Any questions may be addressed to or   you may call us at 407-450-2255.

‘Art For All Spaces’ is Orlando’s Art Advocates. We provide artist representation as well as curatorial services for commercial and residential spaces, event production and promotion.