January 2016 Meeting Recap

In case you missed it: General meeting and demo. with Janet King , January 31, 2016

The president welcomed new members and guests.

The president reminded everyone that the Make a Splash! non-juried show at the Casselberry Art House was a success and runs until Feb. 5. She introduced and congratulated David Williams for winning the Peoples’ Choice for his painting, Lizard. She reminded everyone that pick-up at the Art House is Feb. 8-9.

See you all at SOBO hopefully. The reception will be this Thursday, Feb. 4 from 5:30-8:00 Members were encouraged to come out to the restaurants, etc. and make an evening of it. Jackii and Sandi stood and were acknowledge for putting together such a beautiful show. Artists were reminded to please bring a bottle of wine. Bartender has been hired.

The Art Book was mentioned for selling and swapping. Let’s use it!

Job descriptions began posting in the Newsletter (one each month) and will soon be on-line. We want you to be thinking of the new board that will be for 2017-2018. We hope for a smooth transition in May of 2017.

The president discussed dues. Dues are per season. We will collect in April and May for the 2016-2017 season. Early registration is encouraged. The Member Book is prepared over the summer. This is a big job and Janet works hard to get your information in there so let’s make her job easier by signing up for he 2016-2017 season in April or May. May 1 will be the Charter Member Show at the University Club so renewing membership early for next year in April would be the best. (Feb. 1-May is dues only for new members and only one time.)

Plein Air at the Mayflower hosted by Sally Hall was fabulous! 12 artists in attendance. The Feb. plein air will be Feb. 20 at Lake Lily. 10:00.

Next month we will be sending around a sign-up for help with the refreshments for the Charter Member show. The show is May 1 at the University Club and lots of info will be in the newsletter.

Janet King, demo artist judge for the SOBO show presented a wonderful demo. Several more members immediately signed up for the workshop which runs Feb. 1, 2, and 3 at G-M.