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Central Florida Watercolor Society (CFWS)

Membership Listing as of January 2019

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Membership in CFWS includes:
  • the privilege of reduced prices for all CFWS sponsored workshops;
  • free attendance for special demonstrations;
  • the opportunity to exhibit in CFWS sponsored shows;
  • to submit to the CFWS Annual Juried Member Show;
  • receive a monthly email newsletter and listing on website;
  • and to submit their events, classes, etc. in the newsletter and on the website.

Consider volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors or on various committees.  See Board Volunteer Opportunities.

There are four categories of membership:
Full, Corporate, Life and Honorary.

Full Membership is available to anyone age 18 or older, whose dues are paid up to date. These members are permitted to vote and are authorized to hold office. Full membership has three categories:
Charter Members are those who paid their initial dues before January 1, 1999.
Regular Members are those who have paid their annual dues of $40 for a single year.
Life Members are those who have paid the required one-time Life Membership fee of $300 within one membership year.

Corporate Membership is available to any business or corporation as approved by the Board for membership. Corporate members are not permitted to vote or hold office. Corporate members may allow their employees to attend meetings and other functions of the Society, as well as receive the newsletter. These members are entitled to various other benefits as they become available and as the Board determines suitable.

Honorary Membership can be awarded to persons as a measure of esteem and respect by the membership of the Society. This is an expression of honor and carries with it no voting rights or other benefits which are due to full members.

Dues amount is set by the Board and approved by the Members. Annual dues of $40 must be paid by each member with the exception of Life Members. An Annual Dues Notice will be sent to each member stating that dues shall be paid between May 1 and July 1 of each year and that as of July 1, unpaid dues shall become delinquent. On July 1 of each year, all unpaid members will be immediately dropped from membership rolls, losing all status and privileges thereof until dues are paid in full.

Semi-Annual dues of $25 may be paid by new (first time) members for membership between February 1 and May 1 as a courtesy to individiuals learning of the Society late in the year. This partial dues fee may not be repeated for any member except by special action of the Board.

Apply and pay online now
you can apply for membership in the CFWS by completing and mailing a Membership Application Form with your check.

For more information about joining The Central Florida Watercolor Society contact our Membership Chairman.

 Membership Listing as of January 2019