Sally Hall is scheduling Plein Air paintouts for this season,
email Sally with any questions.

We welcome CFWS members and non-members alike to join in these events. The format is very informal, share with others and enjoy.

We will post your paintings if you wish, submit your .jpg, your name and work title and any insight you may want to add and email to Sally Hall.

Thanks to Sally for making this happen.







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There are no CFWS Plein Air events scheduled. We will resume our Saturday events in the Fall 2014. Have a great summer and keep on painting.

We want to encourage everyone to come out and sketch, take pictures or paint and enjoy the beauty of our area. Plein Air outings will normally be set up for the third Saturday of each month, October through April, with possible date changes due to holidays or special events. Come and check it out! We hope you enjoy and come often!

These gatherings are a great opportunity to get out and create some loose watercolor or just sketch, observe others working and enjoy the company of fellow artists. No peer pressure, no masterpieces expected. If a demo is scehduled, they start at 10 a.m. See you there.

Plein Air contacts are Sally Hall at (407) 619-5486 or Tere Chin at (407) 677-6289 if you have questions.


Past Plein-Airs:

Janet Asbury and her volunteers deserve a thanks for their work during the Azalea Park Plein Air, April 13.
We had a good turn out of artists and our display generated interest and sales for the members who took part.

Thanks goes out to Sally Hall for organizing and the Mayflower in Winter Park for hospitality, March 15.
A group of CFWS artists had to brave sunny and 75 degree weather to paint and enjoy the resident's interest.
Thanks to Cleetus Anotny for sharing his work and Mike Malloy added his.
Send your work to post to the page.

Mayflower Lake
Watercolor by
Cleetus Antony

Lakeside Lillys
Acrylic* on panel by
Mike Malloy

(*Bob Hague called it the "sticky stuff")

February 15, Saturday, at Lake Lily Park, Maitland, good weather and a good turnout. Send me your work to post.

This painting by Cleetus Antony - "Carpentry Shop"

The January 18 Plein Air was a revisit to the Dixon Azalea Park.
Not many attended due to some cold weather.

The few who painted chose a sunny spot and got some nice painting in.

The Bridge by Mike Malloy - Jan Plein Air

Our December event to Lakerige Winery in Clermont was well attented and lots of fun.

Our November 16 at Rollins College, Winter Park was well attended. We met at Cornell Museum of Art on campus, and painted at any of many, many beautiful spots on campus, including the front porch area of the museum.

October 19, 2013, we met at Lake Lilly, Maitland. Our first club Paintout for the year. We had ten participants, including three new members. The day was perfect, as was the scenery and entire setup for this park. It is a shaded area with lots of birds, wonderful picnic tables, lake, gazebo as well as several historical buildings to paint. All agreed it doesn't get any better than this for Plein Air painting.

April 20, 2013, we met at Leu Gardens. No demo, just a morning of fellowship and painting.

March 23, 2013 at Mead Gardens. Thanks to Ken Austin for doing a demo. Small group this time but informative demonstration by Ken Austin.

Feb. 16, 2013 at the Central Florida Zoo, Orlando. Thanks to Rudy Drapiza for his demo.
We had a good turn out for this outing and great weather. Photos have been posted on the CFWS facebook page.

The January 19th Plein Air outing took us back to Dickson Azalia Park in Thorton Park and the Washington Street Bridge. Mike Malloy demonstrated his warm up routine that he follows to loosen up and get started using a sketchbook, limited pallet and "drawing with a brush." He provided a few samples of his twenty minute warm ups.

Plein-Air Paintout, Saturday, December 15 at Mennello
Thanks Bob Hague for starting us out with good tips on painting the sky - Bob demonstrated some good techniques and, with the optimal weather, the few hours spent was well worth it.

Plein-Air Paintout, Saturday, November 17 at Langford Park was optimal.
This is a beautiful spot providing the opportunity to paint in the park or Dickson Azalea Gardens and the very scenic Washington Street Bridge. Tere Chin, our demo artist and CFWS member, performed her demo using Chinese Brush painting also called Sumi-e. The event was well attended but we could always use more artists. We are considering returning to Langford/Azalea for another outing in January, Mike Malloy will do a demo, we will keep you posted.

Mennello Plein-Air Paintout was held October 27. The day was gray and a windy. Three hardy souls reported to the Sculpture Gardens for the Plein air event. Tere Chin had a great painting of one of the dog sculptures. Sally Hall put her efforts into a huge installation sculpture on the lakefront with a background of various homes, docks and some of the big buildings of the city. Karen Bowden worked in a distant corner and seemed nonplussed by wind, gray or the picture-taking wedding party in lime green gowns and tuxedoes with yellow roses! You will have to ask her about her painting.

PleinAir Paintout was held at the MAC on October 20. Our first Plein air Paintout of the season was a great success. Rudy Drapiza, one of our own members, did a demo for the group in his usual vibrant and vivacious style! After a while everyone scattered and painted, drew, took pictures or just visited and enjoyed the beauty of the sunny humidity-free October day.