Plein Air Happenings

We ask CFWS members to volunteer to host a plein air event on the third Saturday of each Plein Air Month* starting at 10 a.m.

Hosts choose a location and make all necessary reservations, they can provide refreshments if they wish. Restroom facilities are a must along with a source for water. Greet the artists, take photos and do a short write up of their event to send to the newsletter editor and webmaster. Occasionally recruit and promote a volunteer artist to do a demonstration of plein air. Members enjoy this “extra” added benefit!

Please consider hosting. Complete the form and submit.  The Plein Air Coordinator will check the calendar and confirm your request by email.

*Hosts Needed:
May of 2017

The CFWS  Plein Air Coordinator is Marcela Moglia.

Volunteer to host a Plein Air

You will be contacted by the Plein Air Coordinator
to confirm your request via the email you submit.