Show/Exhibition Information


No calls at this time.

Due to the COVID-19 issues, the board has decided to postpone our Annual Juried Show during the 2020-21 Season.  Should situation change allowing for time to schedule, you will be alerted.
posted 9/1/2010

Throughout the season, CFWS offers opportunities to our members to show their work in scheduled exhibitions.  The Annual Juried Show is our keystone event showcasing the best CFWS artists have to offer.  The show committee contracts a credentialed juror who reviews the submissions and makes the choice of work to be included with awards determined by the juror.

In addition, other non-juried opportunities are organized to provide a venue for those works that may not have been chosen for the annual event.  Members are encouraged to participate by submitting to all shows/exhibitions.

Work that is submitted for consideration to show is submitted by e-mailing a digital image of the work in JPG format.  CFWS has a recommended standard for the digital image to insure the work is accurately represented.  Please review the Submission JPG FAQ for information on how to prepare your digital image.

Work that is selected to be shown in a CFWS sponsored event must adhere to a specified criteria and, if selected, be framed to CFWS show specifications to insure they are professionally presented.  Our standards mirror many of the standards put forth by national watercolor societies. Please review the Show Standards Guide for information on eligibility of submitted work and how to frame your work, if selected for showing.