Call to Artists: Pompeii Exhibit


Submission deadline: March 1, 2020, 5:00 pm

Interested?  Here is the prospectus:

Opening Statement for the Theme of this show:  “The Central Florida Watercolor Society (CFWS) is honored to partner with the Orlando Science Center (OSC) to participate in a juried art exhibition of fascinating glimpses of the ancient city of Pompeii.

This *STEAM exhibit combines art and archeology using the personal photography of CFWS members. Members who submit paintings of Pompeii are required to use their own reference photos or obtain authorization from original photographers. This will prevent the use of images without copyright authorization. Any members who contribute photographs for artists’ use will be credited as part of the opening statement for the exhibition. For example: Photographs contributed by and authorized for creative use by: Marcela Moglia, Cindy Sturla,  etc.  Non-copyright reference photos are available to view and copy during the monthly meetings.

This show will be part of the artistic and educational mission of highlighting the many interpretations of the ancient city. Submissions can feature: architecture, jewelry, statues, foods, lifestyles, and landscapes; there will also be room for abstractions and contemporary interpretations.

Key Dates:

The exhibition runs May 8th – July 28th 2020.

Deadline for entry is 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, March 1, 2020.

Jurying will take 2 weeks.
Artists to be notified no later than March 19th of the selection decisions.

Paintings will be delivered to the OSC on April 7th, 2020.
All accepted work must be in compliance with CFWS Juried show standards.

Show Details:

  • An artist may submit one or two works.
  • JPEG Images should comply with CFWS Image Sizing Standards.
  • Out-of-town artists are encouraged to apply, but all shipping costs, and or travel arrangements, both to and from the OSC, are the sole responsibility of the artist.
  • A paragraph bio about the artist must be included with the artist submissions.
  • A description for each piece which must include how the works relates to this exhibition’s theme.
  • Works must be ready-to-hang and framed according to Central Florida Watercolor Society standards. See CFWS website for details.

Each accepted applicant will fill out an individual Loan Agreement since no insurance is provided, artists should provide their own. Artworks in the gallery can be for sale. Prices will not be listed in the gallery but OSC will add a statement to the label that says “To purchase this piece visit (artists website) or email (artists email).” If a piece on display is purchased it must remain in the gallery until the end of the show.

Here are some subject ideas on Ancient Pompeii:

  • Daily Life: Bakery, Greengrocer, laundries, only a few houses had water, public latrines, barber shops, thermal baths, merchants, politicians, slaves, wealthy families, farmers, doctors, taverns/eateries, gambling, many Roman houses excavated.
  • Food: olives, wine, bread, eggs, cheese. Fish, meat, cakes, pomegranates, walnuts. Items: pots, pans, olive jars, wine jars, wine dippers, braziers, spindle whorls, looms, lamps, medical instruments.
  • Public buildings: Forum, Temple of Jupiter, Temple of Apollo, Temple of Emperor Augusta, Temple of Iside, Basilica, amphitheater for gladiators, Thermopolium (fast food), gymnasium, theatres for poetry and shows, hot and cold baths
  • Nature: Vineyards, Vesuvius, gardens
Submission Instruction:

The application package should be emailed to Jane Brinckerhoff at and must include:

  1. The artist’s name, preferred email address and telephone number.
  2. The title and framed size of each painting.
  3. A JPEG image of each painting should be sent as a file attachment (not embedded in the body of the email).
    Each JPEG image must be labeled as follows: LASTNAME_first name_Title.
    •   JPEG images should be of good quality, suitable for media and marketing use, and must be at least 300 dpi resolution.
    •   Images should be no less than 1800 pixels on the longest side.  (See the tutorial on CFWS Image Sizing Standards on our website)
  4. A paragraph bio about the artist must be included with the artist submissions. 
  5. A description for each piece which must include how the works relates to this exhibition’s theme.