Summer of ART

Summer of Art Rotating Online Show.

CFWS wants to keep in touch as we social distance and during our summer hiatus. We, the Board, rely on your membership to keep this organization viable. We encourage you to update your membership status, if you haven’t already, for the upcoming 2020-2021 Season and be eligible to submit to our Summer of ART online show.

All work is welcome. We will display one work per member at any given time. All submissions will show online. One work per artist will show at any given time. If you submit more than one work, we will replace any currently showing work with the new submission.

Submit your .jpg file via the form below.  No need to make adjustments to DPI for this purpose but pay attention to lighting and send the best image that reflects your work.

Summer of ART Submission

IMPORTANT: Name image files: First Name Last Name - \'Title of Work\'.jpg
  • I understand that this is a non-juried show, online for current paid CFWS members for upcoming 2020-2021 season.
  • I understand that I can submit more than once but only one submission will appear at any time. If more one work is submitted it/they will be rotated in two weeks their after submission.
  • I understand that although the show is open to all work, CFWS reserves the right to refuse work deemed inappropriate.