May 2016 Meeting Recap

The president, Mary Dall, thanked the University Club WP, and in particular Nita Rizzo and Daphne Frutchey for hosting the CFWS Charter Member’s Art Show which was a celebration of the folks who had the foresight to form our society.

Brief housekeeping info:
The membership table was manned in 15 min increments by volunteers so that any member wishing to renew for the 2016-2017 season had easier access. Several new memberships were added also. The president reminded all that the membership book for each new season is printed over the summer so all are encouraged to renew ASAP.

A reminder was added: there is one more newsletter for this season, THEN, watch for the first newsletter of the new season in August where you will be able to see the calendar for 2016-17.

Mary encouraged everyone to paint over the summer and be ready for the September fun “Show ‘n Tell” meeting where we all bring in paintings and share technique, inspiration and receive positive feedback.

She thanked Nancy Larkin, Janet Asbury, Michel Oliver and her husband, Dan, who assisted in pick up of some of the painting from SOBO on April 2 and getting them to their owners. Our juried show folks, Jackii Molsick and Sandi Hanlon-Breuer did a great job.

Thank you to Cindy Sturla, Nancy Larkin, Bob and Ann Hague, Ken Austin, Teresa Chin who are helping to review the by-laws.

We are still looking for a plein air coordinator. Teresa Chin has it organized well and we hope someone will come forward soon.

Mary added–we will be having lots of exciting demos and at least two workshops next season: Lynn Ferris and Jaime Cardero will be coming. Please consider attending at least one of these.

Mary thanked Sharon Stitely who will be stepping down as Hospitality. She was recognized for her dedication to CFWS. Welcome was offered to Marge Reed who will be assuming that position. Marge recently made drapes for us to control the glare to the TV from the back windows at the G-M building. And, a thank you was sent out to Denise Hendrickson for her work with Publicity as she steps down and Judi Kaye steps up to assume that position. Thank you Sharon and Denise! Welcome Judi and Marge!

The president turned back to the Charter Show. She gave a very brief history of how it all came about back in 1998. She named each Charter Member in turn and each received a round of applause as they stood or waved to the assembly. It was pointed out that while all charter members couldn’t be present, information on all was available on bio boards peppered amongst the high top tables.

Lastly, a special thanks went out to Nita, Daphne, and Teresa Chin (all around best VP in the business) who helped to hang the paintings on Wednesday. Jerry Snyder, treasurer, was especially recognized for organizing the refreshments and settings for the show—and a thank you to everyone assisting. A special thanks to “the Michel and Ted show” who added greatly to the festivities. The lovely watercolor nametags were designed and made by Jackii Molsick. Lastly, Marianna Ross was recognized. She inspired and encouraged us to have this show to honor the Charter Members.

The president then encourage everyone to mingle and have a good time reminded those assembled that we’d all be together again in the fall!

April 2016 Meeting Recap

In Case You Missed IT. . . April 3, 2016

Volunteer opportunities are available. Hospitality volunteer is needed now.

May 1 is the Charter Member Show at the University Club, WP. This will be our last meeting for the 2015-2016 season. We want a good showing. Please come out aqnd show your support on May 1 at the reception from 2-4. Orlando Arts Magazine will have an Eye on Arts about the upcoming Charter Show.

Interested in Tee Shirts and/or Aprons? Please sign up to show your interest. No money now. If we have enough interest we’ll order them in Sept. and know the exact cost as it may go down with quantity.

Special thanks to Nancy Larkin, Sandi Hanlon-Breuer and Janet Asbury for assisting with pick-up and delivery of paintings from the SOBO Gallery.

Thank yous went out for Plein Air at Yalaha in March hosted by Jackii Molsic. In April we will have TWO plein air opportunities‚ serving both sides of town.
Date: April 16
Time:10 a.m.
Chuluota (GPS-Oviedo)(Rebecca Wilkinson)
Sunday, April 17th at Fern Creek (Janet Asbury-her art on brochure)

Members were reminded to renew memberships for next season 2016-2017 early, preferably today or on-line or via check to the treasurer as our May meeting will be at the University Club celebrating our Charter Members.
Vlad Yeliseyev was introduced and did a wonderful demo.

See you next month at the Charter Member Show opening.

March 2016 Meeting Recap

In Case You Missed IT. . .March 6, 2016

Welcome new members and guests
Thank you to Ricki McCurdy for setting up the sound for Dave Williams.
Thank you to Rich Lewis and Dan for getting the equipment from the storage area and setting up. We would like to have a CFWS member step up to assist with set-up in the future.

SOBO pick-up: Pick-up is April 2 between the hours of 3:30-5:00.
If you are picking up your own art, that’s great. IF you want your art picked up and returned to A & H, please sign the clipboard or contact marydall to have your name added for pickup and delivery. Time to pick up paintings will be confirmed and in newsletter.

Vlad Yeliseyev Demo and workshop. April 3, Workshop April 4,5,6

Plein Air will be at Yalaha. Host: Jackii Molsick
Date: March 19
Directions: Address in newsletter. GPS suggested.

May 1 is the Charter Member Show at the University Club, WP. Reception 2:00-4:00. Clipboards for donations of food and/or wine were circulated at the meeting. This will be our last meeting for the 2015-2016 season. We want a good showing. A very brief business meeting and artist introduction will start at 2 with a reception to follow. A donation of food and wine clipboard was sent around. Jerry Snyder will assist with the reception refreshments.

VP Teresa Chin (program chair and VP) introduced Nancy Larkin who coordinated this presentation on “Ways to Expand Your Art” publishing presentation with Q & A. This program helped to show additional ways to use our art. I know the members gained insight into putting art into book form. The roundtable with Edna Siniff, Amanda Egan, Nancy Larkin and yours truly was well received. Edna was a wealth of information. Her book, Living Seminole, is a fascinating history illustrated by Nancy. Nancy, as MC, delighted us with the art she created for (very young author) Amanda’s book, Dolly’s Garden. Amanda described how a loving memory turned into a book. Such a delight! And it was an added pleasure to have “Dolly” Ernestine Egan present along with Amanda’s dutifully proud Dad. Mary Dall and Roberta Lerman have both published using createspace and were part of the last segment on self-publishing.