CFWS Member Meeting - January 2015
Mike Malloy - Demo Artist

Thanks again to all who attended and the positive feedback.
I promised to finish the painting with comments, see below...

In the hour and half of painting, I was able to demonstrate the first important steps in any landscape painting, getting the initial perspective correct, laying the first washes of light,
and painting the BIG areas.

We left off here...

Painting is now over, time to DRAW with your brush.
It is time to decide where to punch up the constrast, where to selectively add detail,
make those boring areas a bit more interesting.

I decide to focus on the foreground objects, the float and the wooden pylon and
draw in the detail that will make them interesting: rope, bark, dents.
I draw the telephone poles and add additional rocks
in the mid-ground along with detail on the rocks and stairs.

As the painting drys, I go back in to the shadow washes and add an overwash of a cool blue.
I draw, in color, the figure in front of church, no detail, simply drawing.
I add additional rocks in the mid-ground, using a neutral dark and
add detail to the foreground outcroppings using the same color.
To gain contrast between the foreground post and the rock outcropping,
I wet the rock and lift color around the dark post.

A few final details, ripples in the water, a shadow on the figure and I decide it is time
to call this one finished.

Apologies for the inconsistent exposures, change of light creates the problem.