2020 Central Florida Watercolor Society Annual Juried Show.
February through March at the SOBO Art Gallery, Winter Garden, Florida.
Free to the public during SOBO's operating hours.

Interested? Purchases handled by SOBO. See catalog for prices.

JANET ASBURY - 'Connecting Through Tourism'

SANDI BAIER - 'Abandoned'

JANE BRINCKERHOFF - 'Sweetgrass Weaver'

MARY ELLEN CARRIER - 'Table for Six'

TERESA CHIN - 'Loving That Nectar'

CHARLOTTE CIPES - 'Young Politician'

DOROTHY CLINE - 'To the Beach'

MATTHEW COCHRAN- 'Soothing Comfort'

DONNA COULANTES - 'Dog Day at the Beach'

MARY DALL - 'Playing in the Sand'

DIANE DARNELL - 'Elephant at Hwanga Park'

KATHERINE DAVIS - 'Old Times Forgotten'

DANA DAYDODGE - 'Shower Hat'


NANCY DIAS - 'Respite at Palmetto Bluff'

DIANA EAGLES - Good Fences'

DIONE FETNER - 'Radishes'


SUSAN GREENLEE-MAMON - 'Bar Harbor Cottage'

SUSAN GROGAN - 'Neighborhood Watch'

VERA GUBNITSKAIA - 'Laid Back Improv'

SANDI HANLON-BREUER - 'Once Upon a Time'

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