October 2015 Recap

In case you missed the October 2015 Meeting…

CFWS hosted its second general meeting of the year on October 4, 2015 at the First Presbyterian Church of Maitland. Attendance was good considering that our event coincided with the Florida Watercolor Society and its conference weekend. We were pleased to add several new members on Sunday!

The rules for the January Art House show were explained. This show is a first come-first served show and without a judge to select entries an email response seemed the best way to verify the participant and time of request. On Oct. 21 at “High Noon” interested participants will emailmarydall@bellsouth.net with their intent to show. Only CFWS members in good standing will be permitted to participate. All rules and regulations can be found in the member October newsletter or on the participating artist page on the website.

Vice President, Terri Chin, explained how Plein Air will work “by host” until a coordinator steps forward and several people signed up. Roberta Lerman will host the first Plein Air in October. (Please contact Roberta for additional information and map.) Roberta reminded everyone that she will provide light snacks but that they should bring their own lunches. If anyone is interested in presenting a demo at the event they should contact Roberta. Additionally, Terri is taking the Plein Air sign-up to our website. Now you can sign up to host electronically- PleinAir Hosting! You can also see what dates are available, get details on planned events and save the dates. Please visit our website often.

The President, Mary Dall, reminded us that she’d be presenting ideas to expand and enhance the club and welcomes suggestions that she can share with the group. Email suggestions.

The best part of the meeting, of course, was the chance to see Janet Rogers in action! Janet did several demos for the group and was enthusiastically welcomed and appreciated. It was a wonderful and rewarding Sunday afternoon. The members taking the workshop on Oct. 5,6,7 were especially thrilled and ready to get started.

Look forward to seeing you all at our next general meeting on Nov. 1!

September 2015 Meeting Recap

In case you missed the September 2015 Meeting. . .

CFWS hosted its first general meeting of the year September 13, 2015 at the First Presbyterian Church of Maitland with over seventy members and guests braving the rain that stopped just prior to the gathering. As members signed in they were able to pick up the lovely Member Book created by newsletter guru, Janet Asbury, with cover art by Roberta Lerman.

Rita Watts (membership), Suzi Greenlee-Mamon (greeter) and Jerry Snyder (treasurer) assisted at the sign-in table as members gathered. At 1:30, new president, Mary Dall, welcomed guests and new members who were asked to introduce themselves. Next, congratulations were in order for the CFWS members who were accepted into the 44th Annual Florida Watercolor Society Show, Sept.6-Nov 1: Jackii Molsick, Sandi Hanlon-Breuer, Bonnie Jones and Katherine Davis. Jackii Molsick will also be part of the traveling show.

The president then introduced, and acknowledge, the board (see complete listing on the web) and some special assistants for their hard work and dedication to CFWS. Along with the board members a special acknowledgement was made for Doris Threlkeld who is moving to Deland and has been a dedicated library assistant for our own Karen Bowden for many years. Special acknowledgement was also extended to Cindy Sturla, past president and mentor who prepared the way for this years meetings and to Ken Austin, the founding father of CFWS who, like Cindy, will be attending board meetings to add expertise.

Well-known watercolorist, Mary Whyte will be having a special exhibit at the Mennello in October and CFWS has been offered an opportunity to assist with watercolor demonstrations and/or adult drop-in classes during the course of the exhibition. Cindy Sturla graciously offered to oversee CFWS’s participation. She presented a sign-up sheet for interested members. (Please email Cindy for possible participation and check out the Mennello website for additional information.)

Vice President, Terri Chin, explained how Plein Air will work “by host” until a coordinator steps forward and several people signed up. Roberta Lerman will host the first Plein Air in October. (Please contact Roberta for additional information.) To host a event, use the form on the Plein Air webpage.

Mary Dall explained the “Sell or Trade” Book that will replace bringing art supplies to the final meeting of the year to sell, give or trade. All members who participate handle all transactions themselves via the book. There are forms to fill out, room for a picture or description and sleeves to hold the information. (The club has provided this book as a trial and service to the members and offers no warranties or guarantees on items offered. Only art related items may be listed.)

Mary reminded members to read the newsletter, check the calendar and watch for updates and changes. She encouraged all members to submit information to the newsletter and website.

The hard work of Rich Lewis to bring notable artists to CFWS was acknowledged and encouraged participation in our upcoming workshop with Janet Rogers. (Demo: Oct. 3 at First Presbyterian Church and workshop Oct. 4-5-6 at the Germaine-Marvel building.) Susan Neumeyer’s wonderful poster offered members a chance to see other examples of Janet Rogers’ work.

Mary asked the members to look at the last page of their member book and make note that we will be having THREE watercolor shows this year.

One, a non-juried, “Make a Splash” show January 8 at the Art House, Casselberry;

Two—our annual juried show at SOBO Gallery-February 4, Winter Garden; and

THREE-close out the year with a very special Charter Member Show-May 1, 2016.

Everyone was encouraged to check out the website regularly to watch for information updates. After the business meeting, Sharon Stitely (hospitality) and her many helpers treated us to a wonderful “snack time” supplied by the board (and friends) while we mingled and enjoyed the art work presented around the room displayed on tabletop easels. After refreshments, we all took our seats again while members got up and participated in a “show and tell” of their paintings produced over the summer. Participants spoke briefly as their work was held for all to see. This was a great opportunity to learn about techniques, explore what inspired us and to discover what we learned over the summer. This proved to be a great deal of fun and members were able to share information on classes they offered and were a wealth of creative information. A great time was had by all! The next gathering will be the general meeting and demo by Janet Rogers at the First Presbyterian Church on Oct. 3. See you then!