Starting July 1, 2023, annual membership dues are now $50 per season (membership benefits can be reviewed here.)

If you have a question on the status of your membership, the membership list includes your last renewal date (the list is updated quarterly.) If you still have questions, contact our Membership Chair.

ANNUAL DUES: $50 per season, renews payable May 1st through June 30th.  New members are welcome throughout the year.  Anyone joining after April 1st will have their membership extended through the next season. LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, is a one-time payment of $500, which includes all privileges of regular membership. Contact the Membership Chairperson to discuss your decision.

Complete the online registration form below and submit to our Membership Chair. Then, pay your dues by credit card, PayPal or indicate that you will mail a check.

Keep your information current, please use the form to update.
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After submitting the form, if fees are due, chose to pay online or send your check.

Step 1. Enter required form information and submit to our Membership Chair

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Annual Dues are $50 per season.

Step 2. Pay your fees that are due online using PayPal or mail a check.


Prefer to mail a check? Make check payable to Central Florida Watercolor Society and mail to: Central Florida Watercolor Society, P.O. Box 941512, Maitland, FL 32794-1512. Expect an welcome email from ‘Membership’ to confirm your registration. Contact Membership if you are not able to make your payment with PayPal.