It’s hard to believe our pollinator show is coming to an end.

Our take down day will be AUGUST 23, this Tuesday.

Time: 10 – 3pm

Location: the loading dock area, the same place we dropped off our paintings.

25 members of our Central Florida Watercolor Society are exhibiting in the Fusion: STEAM Gallery at the Orlando Science Center beginning May 21st and running thru August 21st, 2022 –  “Nature’s Wonder: The Curious and Beautiful World of Pollinators”.

The sign at the front of the gallery.
Hummingbird by Janet Asbury

Visitors at the museum will be entertained and informed about the importance of pollinators in preserving our ecosystems and natural habitats, which ultimately impacts our food chain. CFWS artists have on display a collection of paintings depicting birds, bees, flowers, butterflies, and different aspects of this theme.

The museum is open every day except Wednesday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Be sure to check the Orlando Science Center website for specific times and scheduling of the programs offered. 

For the Birds and the Bees by Vera Gubnitskaia
Floral out of Focus by Patty Kane
Sulpher butterflies on Wildflowers by Marcela Moglia
Angel Trumpets by Jane Brinckerhoff
Loving that Nectar by Teresa Chin

Orlando at Play has also posted  a notice about our exhibit, thanks to our publicity chair Pam Worrall! Click on the link below to see the information.