Painting the Trumpet flower by Carol Carter

Carol Carter’s workshop was an exciting experience!  We had 3 hours so it was a fast painting. We had already drawn out our Trumpet Flower or Datura onto a #140 watercolor paper. Since she does the background first, we masked the flower with masking tape and Incredible white mask.

Mask the flower with tape and Incredible White Mask.

We wet the entire background then brushed in Cobalt Turquoise Light, deeper, richer and vibrant on the bottom and lightly graduated tint to the top.

Cobalt Turquoise Light background gradient.

Dry the painting and remove the mask. Then start painting the flower bloom, on the right.  Use a number 2 brush. – wet the shape with clear water – then outline with Burnt Sienna.  Just do the exterior edge, then soften with water. Add Aureolin Yellow, then Winsor Green in the middle.

Remove mask after background dries.
Start painting flower on far right.
Next, paint the shapes at the top of the flowers and big leaf.

Next, small shapes near the top. Aureolin, then some Winsor Green around the edge.

Flowers painted one at a time.

Drop down to the petal on the lower right, add Aureolin, outline in Burnt Sienna. Down below outline in Burnt Sienna, soften with water then drop in Aureolin.

Wet the big leaf at the top right and the second trumpet on the right. Outline in Burnt Sienna on the outside edge to the neck of the flower, open the line with water, drop in Aureolin at the tip, leave light paper in the middle, add Aureolin at the neck, then Winsor Green. Then outline the big leaf with a mix of Winsor Green and Burnt Sienna, open the line with water and add Aureolin to the tip and gradated it back and add green and yellow

Finished painting.

The steps were repeated with each blossom and at the end of the session we showed off our beautiful Datura’s!  Carol Carter was fun to work with. We all learned so much!  Thank you Carol!

We show off our finished work!

Carol Carter has more workshops coming up, so check out her website for more opportunities: