We welcomed members and special guests to our Annual Holiday In-House Show and Party.

Rachel Fox, of the Dixon Ticonderoga Co., was awarded an honorary membership in appreciation of her support of our society.

Percy and Linda Maynard, of Art Systems of Orlando, were awarded an honorary membership in appreciation of their support of our society.

The 2018 Leu Gardens Member Show important dates were announced:

Jan. 7, 2018 midnight, jpeg’s to Jane Brinckerhoff. Please photograph and crop your image to the best of your ability. Submission information is on our website click on -“CFWS Exhibits”.

March 14, 2018, 6-8pm, Reception in Camellia Room, Leu Gardens

March 12, 13, 14 workshop, 9 – 4 pm, at McRae Art Studios, only a few seats left!

A big Thank You and a round of applause went out to our great board and committees:

V.P. Krys- did a great job organizing the party and also manages our social media, Jerry (treasurer), Ann (secretary), Mike (website), Pamela (workshops), Faye (workshop registrar), Rita (membership), Janet (newsletter, brochures), Judith (publicity), Marge (hospitality), Karen/Diane (Library), Leslie/Donna (Shows), Susan/Rose/Beverly (greeters), David (sound) Roberta/Ken/Mary (advisers)

Thank You to the Grants Committee: Annette, Diane, John, Sherry, and Rebecca

Thank You to the Outreach Committee: Diane and Pam

Marcela Moglia announced:

December 16, 2017 from 11 – 3 pm – Community Outreach and Plein Air Event at the Altamonte Chapel campus. This is an opportunity for the Central Florida Watercolor Society to do some outreach encouraged by our mission statement. Four volunteers will staff tables, with paper, pencils, and watercolors, for families to try some plein air painting. We’ll introduce our watercolor society to the Altamonte community, as well as give them a taste of outdoor watercolor painting and possibly joining our society. CFWS members are invited to paint, sketch, photograph and participate.

Cindy Sturla announced a special March 25, 2018 “Pop Up Event” and painting exhibition at the Albin Polasek Museum. John Gilbert, Cindy and Nancy Larkin are working out the details of this very special opportunity to promote our society in a lovely garden location. Stay tuned!

DECEMBER 18 AT 10 a.m. the board will be moving our supplies from the storage to the new Altamonte location. Your board continues to work hard for our society!

JANUARY 7 AT 1:45 p.m. Altamonte Chapel Social Hall Parking next to the building.

At our first meeting, at our new location, Glen Ward will be demonstrating stretching watercolor paper and watercolor painting. How to start a new painting… in a new year… how appropriate!

At the end of the party our 3 People’s Choice awards were announced:

1st Place – Susan Grogan

2nd Place – Chauncey Nelson

3rd Place – Jerry Snyder

Congratulations to our winners!