President Recap – November 5, 2017

We welcomed guests and new members to our November 5th meeting.

The 2018 Leu Gardens Member Show important dates were announced:

Jan. 7, 2018 midnight, jpeg’s to Jane Brinckerhoff.  Please photograph and  crop your image to the best of your ability. This is the image that Suzanna will be looking at as she juries the show.

March 3, 2018 @ 9:00 a.m. Drop off art date, at Leu Gardens

March 14, 2018, 6-8pm, Reception in Camellia Room, Main House, Leu Gardens

June   ?   Pick up art date in first week in June, to be finalized            There is no theme this year, they waived it, so paint any subject you like (no nudes).

March 12, 13, 14 workshop, 9 – 4 pm, at McRae Art Studios, 1000 Arlington St.

Suzanna Winton, juror, for our members show, will do “Portraits with Personality”. Suzanna, a National Watercolor Society signature member, will show us how to paint realistic watercolor portraits. With her instruction and straightforward approach, you will create beautiful portraits with warmth.

Registration for this wonderful 3-day workshop is $300 for CFWS members and $350 for non-members.

Roberta sold the 50/50 tickets and we had a good response. It was a lot of fun!

Marcela Moglia announced two CFWS Plein air events:

November 18, 2017 – 10 am, Mead Botanical Garden, 1500 S. Denning Dr. in Winter Park. A 47.6 acre park that offers a variety of facilities including an amphitheater, butterfly garden, picnic tables, restrooms, boardwalk, and a bike trail. The garden is listed on the “Great Florida Birding Trail.” Cost: FREE

December 16, 2017 – Community Outreach and Plein Air Event. This is an opportunity for the Central Florida Watercolor Society to do some outreach for our community, which is encouraged by our mission statement. Four interested volunteers will staff tables, with paper, pencils, and watercolors, for those who might like to try it. This is a chance to introduce our watercolor society to the Altamonte community, as well as giving community members a taste of outdoor watercolor painting and possibly joining our society! Please come and check out our new location for 2018!

Altamonte Chapel would like to put it in their community newsletter. They will provide the tables and some supplies and our volunteers will bring what they need. Other CFWS are invited to paint /sketch / photograph, and participate.

Where: Altamonte Chapel campus our new location in Janurary 2018.

Time: 11 am – 3 pm

Address: 825 E Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Cost: FREE

Notice: If you are not getting your newsletter or emails, please check the membership book and make sure your address is correct and that your dues are paid. Check your email capacity and see if your mailbox is full. Check to see if our emails are going to spam folder.

Cindy Sturla, a past president and accomplished plein air painter,  was the demonstration artist and did a great job sharing her sketchbooks and many finished paintings done on location. She moved to Florida and found the luminous quality of watercolor works beautifully with the light and color here. She took us from preliminary thumbnail sketches to framed and finished art. Cindy has been painting in watercolor for 20 years and teaching classes for 9 years. If you want to learn the art of watercolor, her classes and studio are in Sanford, at the Gallery on First. Thank you Cindy!