We had 45 members attend our April zoom meeting. Pam Merle started the meeting with the general announcements of upcoming events and dates, so mark your calendars for the next season.

Sept. 11  TBA

Oct. 2    Zoom

Nov.6    Zoom

Dec. 4   Holiday Party

Jan. 8    Zoom

Feb. 5    Zoom

March 5 In person with show juror

April 2   Zoom

May 7   In person

Our next May meeting will include our elections of new officers. We have a spot left. Join our fun and productive board today!

We are checking out a potential new site on April 12, 2022. You are cordially invited to join us at 11:30 a.m. at All Saints Episcopal Church, at 338 E Lyman Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789  We are looking for a new home, with storage, and we will have a fun lunch afterwards. Meet your board and committee chairs and have a delicious lunch!

We are organizing a show for the Orlando Science Center called “The Wonderful World of Pollination”. Our past pollinator show from the 2019 Polasek Museum is a perfect fit of science and art. It will be recreated and on display during National Pollinators Month, in June.

Charlie C. had exciting news to share about working with the Center for Health and Wellbeing on possible future shows. Some ideas being considered are

1) a non juried show for all CFWS members

2) 4 artists each take a section and have a mini one person show. So, make sure you renew your membership for the next season…. It sounds like our society will be getting new opportunities to showcase our work and educate the public to the importance of watercolor as a creative and permanent painting medium.

Nancy L. will have a meeting April 19, at 3PM, at her house, for info on Art Camp …1 week of painting in Linville N. C. 3 meals a day. Bath and shower included. Bring your own linens. Only $205/week.

   THE DEMONSTRATION BY KIM JOHNSON – She shared some of her special tools:   Kim uses a Shysart winged palette available through the web.

She is particular about 3 colors and the manufacturer…  Cadmium Orange & Burnt Sienna (W/N) Cobalt Violet Light (Sennelier)

   A few of her favorite brushes are watercolor, flat, eradicator brushes, and Ritch scrub brushes.

   She likes Silver Black Velvet 3000s brushes in small, medium and large.

   She uses an embossing tool for applying masking fluid when needed, and also uses a sewing and knitting gauge. If you are painting same size can measure with this tool. She recommended “SplitPrint” for making big prints to multiple pages.

Kim started with painting the giraffe’s spots in a dark brown using Burnt Sienna plus Cerulean blue plus purple.


Always know where your colors are on your palette, so you can just go to the one you need as you mix and paint.

Pay attention to the folds in the giraffes’ neck and face.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, you can always fix them.

Add Cerulean blue and Cadmium Red to the eye to make it feel alive, like it has blood flow.

Pam has sent a link to the zoom recording for our members, along with the passcode. So, enjoy! Just one more perk of being a member of our watercolor society.