We had a great turnout for our special plein air event at the Center for Health & Wellbeing! Thank you to Jackie and Ailin for all of their hard work, support and help with organizing this special outreach program!

   Although the center had said they would be capping our attendance at 20, we had to scramble to find supplies for a few extra students!

A full house and lots of creativity happening!

Mary, Patsy and Sandi share their knowledge of painting in watercolors outdoors.

Sandi, Cindy, Janet, Gini and Mary helping our students learn.

Cindy Sturla did a demonstration of how to do a plein air painting. Leslie set up a painting in progress for the crowd to see how we develop our art.

Patsy supervises a student, while Janet holds an umbrella to shade Cindy.

Doing the lesson on color mixing, wet into wet, warm and cool colors in a tree.

A lovely red hibiscus is created!

A few lucky students found shade.

What a perfect painting shirt!

More student work with color mixing, wet into wet.

We also had several plein air artists on the lawn in front of the patio.

Rosalie works on her beautiful landscape of trees and path.

The finished painting! Thanks for attending the event Rosalie!

Rosalie and Ann were working out on the far end of the walkway leading down to Ward Park. They found a cool shady area where they set up their easels. As people came by to observe, they shared their love of plein air and how to set up and paint outdoors with watercolors.

Ann‘s finished landscape painting! Wow!

Young people admire and learn from CFWS plein air artists Ann and Rosalie.

We had samples of plein air sketchbooks and a small composition tool on a table by the windows for students to look through

Leslie paints a beautiful landscape using a small and portable set up that is just perfect for plein air.

Our special event was a great success and we are grateful for how wonderful the folks at the Center were to work with. And a special thank you to Cindy for volunteering her expertise at plein air! Cindy teaches watercolor classes at the Gallery on First,  in Sanford, so check her out!

Our next plein air event will be April 13 at Leu Gardens in Orlando. We will meet by the tables outside the reception building. A small fee is required if you are not a member. See you there!!