Welcome to early renewal time for the Central Florida Watercolor Season 2022-2023
To entice early and timely renewals, CFWS will be choosing one member to receive a free membership for next season. Any renewals through July will be eligible.
It is very exciting to the see next season taking form. We can look forward to so many things.

The return of in-person meetings at our new venue at All Saints Church in Winter Park. We start with our annual member showing of “What I did this summer” aka “Show and Tell”.

In-person meeting demos from established local, national and international artists like Cheryl A. Fausel in October and a zoom demo from Japan with Carrie Waller in November.

There will be more shows; demos; workshops; regular pleinaire outings; supportive member friendships; maybe a local art trip to an exhibition; opportunities to give back to our communities through art experiences; lessons offered from member artists and gosh…could there be more.

So, take a minute to renew your CFWS membership for the upcoming 2022-23 season. Your board is working during the summer months to plan all these activities for the membership.

CFWS depends on your membership to fund these activities and your participation is more important than ever!

Thank you!