Sue Archer In Person workshop details

We are offering an in person, 3-day, watercolor COMMANDING COLORa COLOR THEORY WORKSHOP with award winning artist SUE ARCHER, NWS, AWS, TWSA, FWS

A course designed to inspire your creativity by learning to “see” and experience some of the different aspects of color theory and painting light on objects. Color is one of the elements of design!

“My goal as an instructor is to present you with information about COLOR THEORY to add to your core of knowledge regardless of your medium. I believe in the power of planning and understanding the basics. The objective here is not to change you, but to take you to another level. Then it is up to you to take this  knowledge and apply it to the medium, genre, style and subject matter that suits you.”

In this workshop watercolor-painters will be exposed to the importance of pigment quality, the importance of considering the white paper as a “color”, and how to achieve darks. All medium-painters will be exposed to   all other aspects of color theory for painters.

Topics to be discussed: Color Theory – Achieving colorful darks – Pigment quality – Psychology of color –Importance of value and shape – Unity – Saving white paper – Intent – Showing strong light on objects.

Her award-winning paintings are exhibited in national, regional, and state competitions and hang in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and South America. She has won over 200 state and national awards in outdoor shows and indoor competitive exhibitions.

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Location of workshop: Hopper Academy, 1101 Pine Ave., Sanford, Fla. 32771

Dates: March 7th,8th, 9th 2022   Hours: 9am. to 4pm.

Fee: $300.00 early bird, for members, before Sunday Jan. 23rd, 2022

$325.00 for members, after January 23rd ,2022 –  .

Non-Members $400.00

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Workshop participants will receive list of supplies, to prepare for the workshop. Students bring their own photos, for any subject, printed out at approximately 8×10. Make sure references have side light on the subject.