Ron Malone’s rescheduled live demo – June 14th, 2:30 – 4 pm

NOTE: Ron has just changed the Hat Lady to Cynthia Hunter.

If you have not registered but want to be included:
YouTube link:

06/14/202:30am -06/14/204:00pm

Due to technical difficulties, this live demo has been rescheduled. Ron has sent out a new invitation for our society members:

     “Many of you were there, waiting, Sunday, and I did not show up.  My computer froze and you know the rest.  I won’t let that happen again (how embarrassing).  I now have two computers set up (one as a back up) for the next broadcast. As planned for yesterday’s event, I will paint in watercolors, a portrait of Thelma Battle.  Thelma is one of twenty-five “Hat Lady” portraits I am painting. She has her 99th birthday this month and she plans to be online, watching.”

This is a follow up to his demo on October 6, 2019. Click on the link below to watch him paint a “Hat Lady” portrait live!

Date is now June 14

Time is 2:30 – 4 pm.

You can ask questions or make comments on the chat board.

Orlando Science Center Pop Up/Plein Air Event a Success!

The Orlando Science Center on January 26 was a resounding success for Central Florida Watercolor Society. CFWS artists were able to interact with many different age levels—from eight to eighty. The facilities were especially nice and the OSC staff was well prepared for us. I think we would all agree that comments from the staff, observers and, particularly the participants, were very positive. Since all three of our sessions were full—and we’ve been invited back—OSC is obviously a great venue for future public interaction. 

Image Resizing Tutorial

A CFWS Tutorial to instruct you on the use of the free online image editor at has been posted.  The pxlar application can be accessed with your browser and can not only resize but also adjust image color and cropping.  It’s like photoshop lite and easy to use.   Check out the tutorial and leave a comment.  We want to know if it worked on your platform, what needs to be addressed and provide answers to your questions.   Thx.

Use link below or find link in the JPG FAQ listed under Member Resources in the Membership Tab.