Show Standards Guide

Show Entries must be:
1. An original work of the submitting artist;
2. Completed within the previous three (3) years;
3. Framed and matted in accordance with CFWS Show Standards.

Entry may NOT in any way:
     a. be part of a formal workshop or classroom project;
     b. be a copy of any other artists’ work;
     c. be based upon photographs, other than those that are the
legal property of the entrant;
     d. have been accepted in a prior CFWS juried show;
     e. be a print nor a Giclee.



Water-soluble media: such as watercolor, acrylic in an aqueous manner, gouache, egg tempura, and casein are permitted.  Oils of any kind, use of newsprint, magazine material or computer-generated material is not acceptable.  Watercolors and acrylics that are not framed or matted may be varnished. Any diptych, triptych or other multiple works shall be mounted in a single frame.

• Wire hanging-no saw tooth hangers;
• Plexiglass in lieu of glass;
• White, light cream, or off white mat only; *New in 2022:  a ¼ inch colored bottom mat liner is allowed.
• Acceptable backing: acid free foamcore, highly recommended.
    Cardboard not allowed.
• No changing prices after submitting;
• Information tags (sent to you with your acceptance letter) must be
applied to the back and front of painting;
• Signed Drop Off Form (sent to you with your acceptance letter) must
accompany work at drop off.

REMOVAL OF PAINTINGS – Accepted paintings cannot be removed under any circumstances until the end of the show.


ALLEGATIONS  – If an allegation is made that a submitted artwork does not meet the CFWS criteria for entering a juried show, the artist of the artwork in question will be notified by the Shows Chair of the allegation and given the opportunity to respond.

DECISION  –  After reviewing the allegation and the response of the artist, the Board will make the final decision to include or not include the submission in the show.  

CONSEQUENCES – If artwork is accepted into a show and subsequently found to have clearly violated the Bylaws and/or entry requirements, the consequences are as follows:
       1. The artwork in question will be removed from the show;
       2. Entry fee(s) into the show will not be refunded;
       3. The artist will forfeit any award and/certificate;
       4. The artist will forfeit all award monies/gifts received;
       5. The artist will not be allowed to enter another CFWS juried show,
the length of time to be determined by the CFWS Board.

Any submitted work(s) found not to conform to the above criteria and standards will not be hung.

Revised and posted November 2018 by CFWS Board of Directors