CFWS Board Positions and Volunteer Opportunites

Volunteer opportunities are not limited to CFWS Board Positions. Assistance during meetings, special events, exhibit openings, etc. is always appreciated. Contact your board member if you have a interest in helping out.

Accounting/Bookkeeping: Your spreadsheet skills could be used by Membership or Treasurer or other special projects
Public Relations: Your skill could be by PR chair  to develop strategies and writing communications.
Instruction/Plein aire: Your teaching skills to perform demos or workshops.
Writing/Communication: Your writing skills to author articles for the newsletter, website , grants or special projects.
News/Photography: Your skill used at meetings, special events, for publication in  newsletter and website. Work with members digitizing photos for art shows.
Technical/Web Design: Your skills with WordPress administration could be used by our webmaster to define web strategy, create additional content and special projects.

We have listed “job descriptions” of the various board positions.  We welcome your interest in any position.  Most board appointments are for one season unless specified or should you choose to give more time.  Contact the CFWS president with your interest.


The role of President is to oversee the running of the organization and provide guidance for the club.

The responsibilities of the President:

1. Preside over the monthly membership meetings. Conduct a short business meeting before the program to keep members informed about what is happening in the club. Greet the guest speaker and make sure he/she has what they need for their demo/program. Keep the meeting running in a timely fashion.

2. Schedule and secure the facilities for all meetings and workshops. This needs to be done at least a year in advance, especially when dealing with renting the Germaine Marvel Building. Signing all contracts entered into and working closely with the treasurer to set up payment schedule.

3. Schedule monthly meetings of the board to provide time for communication with and among all board members.  Work with all the chairmen to be sure all details for events, shows, workshops, and programs are covered  so things run smoothly.  Oversee information about our club and make sure it is available to the public through timely publicity and our website.

4. Review monthly financial statements the treasurer provides and approve all major expenditures.

5. Address any problems that come before the club and help to provide guidance and assistance to committee chairmen if needed.

The President and Vice President serve for two years. The membership votes in the new President and Vice President at the end of their term. When the president’s term is over, ideally the Vice President then assumes the presidency for two years. This guarantees a smooth transition. The role of treasurer, secretary, and other committee chairmen does not require a vote and can be filled and approved at anytime by the board.

Interest to author posts to the CFWS website is helpful.


1.  Assist the President

2.  Perform the duties of the President when the President is not available.

3.  Attend the board meetings

4.  Chair the nominating committee*

5.  Plan programs at monthly meetings except when a guest artist is doing a demo prior to the workshop.

Oversee Holiday party and Committee:

  • Gather prizes for the holiday party;
  • Organize the Holiday raffle;
  • Organize the voting of members’ choice painting at the Holiday party.

* Ideally the First Vice-President should be the president-elect whose term shall succeed the term of the President.

Interest to author posts to the CFWS website is helpful.


1. Shall be available to the President and shall keep and record all the society’s business. Such records shall be a available to all Officers and Board member within thirty (30) days after any policy-making meeting is held. Minutes of the Society’s previous meeting will be available for the membership to read. The folder should contain.

  • Meeting notes  (for the year)
  • Copy of treasurer’s report  (for the year)
  • Reference copy of newsletter (for 3-6 months)
  • Calendar of events (for the year)

2. In the absence of the President and Vice-President, shall preside until a member of the Board of Directors is elected to perform all the duties of presiding officer.*

3. Shall write thank you letters as needed.**

4. Shall perform other such duties as assigned by the President.

5. Shall make minutes available to all officers and board members within thirty (30) days after any policy making meeting is held. Minutes of the Society will be available for membership to read.

* The secretary is temporarily Speaker of the House.

** Co-ordinate this with other chairs.


1. Shall receive all monies of the Society.

2. Shall pay, upon approval of the Board of Directors, all legitimate financial obligations of the Society.

3. Shall keep accurate accounts, in normally accepted format, all financial transactions of the Society, and make such accounts available to the Board of Directors at all times.

4. Shall prepare, in cooperation with the President and the Treasurer’s financial advisor, a budget of estimated income and expenses for the ensuing year. This budget will be reviewed and approved by the Board at the February meeting.

5. Shall provide to the President, Vice-President and other interested members of the Board a monthly statement for the year-to-date.

6. Shall make a complete financial report to the membership at each annual meeting.

7. Keep an up-to-date roster (file) on all members: name, date, amount paid, address, phone # and e-mail address.

8. Make regular bank deposits of all incoming and collected money from dues, workshops, etc. and keep up-to-date records of all transactions and dates.

9. Balance the checkbook monthly when bank statement arrives.

10. Keep petty cash on hand for miscellaneous purchased and to be used for change. Not to exceed $50 unless prior approval of the President or Vice President.

11. Allowed to purchase needed items not over $50.00 without the approval of the board.

12. Attend monthly board meeting and others that are called.

13. Meet at the bank to remove retiring President’s or Treasurer’s name off of the account and replace with new President’s and Treasurer’s name on the bank account.

14. Pay the Florida Department of State for the yearly NON-Profit Status or whomever is the registered representative.

15. Fill out and submit the taxes for the IRS Form #1120.

16. Collect checks for workshops and notify workshop chairman if someone is late paying.

17. Workshop chairman will notify Treasurer as to payments to hotel for artist, and how much to pay Co-chairman for supplies and artist’s fee.


1.   Enjoy your job!

2.   Purchase supplies needed for monthly meetings:

  • Coffee Cups (8 oz) 80 per month on average
  • Cold Cups (7 oz)  65 per month on average
  • 6” paper plates  85 per month on average
  • Coffee (Laura Lee donates) Regular
  • Tea: reg, decaf & herbal
  • Sugar
  • Juice
  • Napkins
  • Spoons & stirrers

Treasurer reimburses quickly.
Receipts & Reimbursement Form Required

Prepare drinks 1 hour before scheduled meeting – Hot Water Pot for tea

Plastic cloths on tables for food & drink (1 table-drinks; 2 tables-food)

Create table decor each month

Secure volunteers to help each month (3 or 4)

Receive food & arrange on tables

Clean up:  wipe down table cloths, fold & reuse again

Wash coffee pot and drink dispensers belonging to the club.

Leave kitchen in good order

Storage Unit can hold coffee pot & dispensers (or store at home).

Two plastic storage bins hold all supplies.

Other than December covered-dish, refreshments are finger foods.*

Prep Facts:

55 Cup Coffee Pot – 35/40 cups is plenty each month except Dec.

Juice Dispensers: Fill water from faucet, add ice from kitchen

Make Lemonade

Use 6” paper plates each month for finger food

Use Styrofoam Cups for coffee (Costco or GFS); Plastic Cold Cups/juice

December Christmas Party:  10” strong Paper Plates for main food

6” paper plates for dessert.  Soup Bowls(Styro) for soup/sauces

Special table decor for 10 tables of 8 place settings each.

Place Serving spoons, cake cutters, soup ladles on table as needed.

Plastic utensils

*Normally designated by ABC order.


1.  Receive applications for all new members.

2.  Keep current database of each member’s names, address, phone number and email address and member status.

3.  Notify all members when it is time to renew membership dues in May for the coming season.

4.  Verify membership to ensure continuation by regular members. Compare from previous year and contact laggers.

5.  Send checks to the treasurer to deposit for membership dues.

6.  Keep email address in internet mail format current and up-to-date. Coordinate with Treasurer, Newsletter  & Web chairpersons.

7.  Mass email news and information as required.

8.  Sit at the Greeter table to answer membership questions, distribute membership directories, make up new or lost nametags and collect dues and demo fees.

9.  The current chairman also prepares the membership book.


1.  Collect information of interest to membership such as: announcements from monthly meetings, workshop and gallery opportunities, local art shows and honors to members.

2.  Write articles or edit material submitted by members.

3.  Prepare digital document and broadcast a newsletter on-line each month from August through May.

The deadline for copy being submitted is the 10th of each month. Finished composition should be proofed, saved as a PDF and sent out to reach members soon after to be time sensitive – no later than 10 days before the next monthly meeting.

4.  Send out extra mailings and e-mail notices to members as required.

5.  Coordinate with membership chairman to maintain a current list of member’s addresses and e-mail addresses.

6.  The current chairman also prepares workshop flyers, and other collateral for the society.

7. Contribute to the CFWS website.  Instruction available.


  1. Monitor and maintain the  email account;
  2. Send information to the various press outlets to advertise CFWS events and activities using the email account;
  3. Monitor the  email account regularly to keep communication and information with press outlets active with current updates.
  4. Cultivate relationships with major Arts and Media Outlets in order to promote community interest, awareness, and membership in the CFWS.
  5. Prepare and write press releases for the media outlets for coverage of CFWS activities.


The CFWS web site is a WordPress site hosted by GoDaddy.


A knowledge of WordPress is helpful, a desire to learn WordPress is necessary. A proficiency in html/php web design/programming is helpful.

Upload and downloading of files via a ftp client is required.

An understanding of domain registration, web hosting and email account management using GoDaddy interface is required, using photoshop (or equivalent) to create and edit images.

CFWS GoDaddy Account:


Domain renewals when due;

Hosting services fees when due: Plesk & WordPress hosting;

Email accounts associated with the domain.

Website Management:

1.  Update Website with current news and information about upcoming events.

2.  Insure the event calendar is current and provides accurate information.

3.  Market CFWS exhibitions and events that are open to the public;

4.  Provide a seamless online method to join and pay for membership dues, entry fees.

5.  Promote CFWS sponsored workshops to the public and provide online registration and payment options.

6.  Monitor site content (policies and procedures) for accuracy and edit content when necessary.

7.  Post member work when available: Annual Show, Special Exhibits, etc.

8.  Create any necessary graphic elements that new content requires, photo editing skills a plus.

9.  Attend board meetings when possible.


1.  Arrive early.  The Greeter/Membership table should be set up by 12:20.

2.  Sit at entrance and greet members and guests.

3.  Pass out nametags to members.  After meeting, collect and sort name tags for the next meeting.

4.  Provide information on CFWS.  Place brochures, fliers, and Change of Address Forms on table.

5.  Prepare sign-in sheets for members and guests in notebooks for each meeting.

6.  Replenish supplies as needed.


  1. Coordinate places for the artists to paint outdoors during the months of January, February, March, April, May, October, November.
  2. Observe schedule: Plein Air outings normally take place on the 3rd Saturday of each month starting at 10 a.m. Occasionally due to holidays or special events the date may change.
  3. Inform the members of upcoming events through the newsletter, website and announcement at meetings.
  4. Occasionally recruit and promote a volunteer artist to do a demonstration of plein air at an event.
  5. Greet the artists, take photos and do a short write up of each event and send to the newsletter editor and webmaster.