Submitting work via JPEG requires you start with a good photo.

Image Requirement for CFWS Juried Shows:
• Always shoot your image without glass! Reflections will distort the actual color.
• Try to take your photo in indirect daylight.  
• Neon light gives a blue cast, incandescent light gives a warm cast and LEDS can wash out the color. • Compare the image to your painting, match color as close as possible.
• If possible, set your device to ‘Adobe RGB’ color calibration, a setting to provide accurate color

For a juried show: Set your camera’s image resolution to take the largest file. (The file can then be resized to submission specs.)  Submitted images must have a resolution of 300 dpi with the longest side measuring 1800 pixels..

If online submission for a show is available, ALWAYS submit online to insure your image and required data is received.

Follow instructions below if asked to email your images directly to an email address.

How To E-mail Digital Entries on a PC
These instructions use Windows Vista and Windows Mail.
(For other versions or e-mail programs, you can open Help and search for “send an e-mail attachment”.)
Before you begin, you will need to know where your photo is stored on your computer so you can locate it.

Save As or Rename your photo as follows:   first name + last name, and title of the painting.
Example : John Doe _ ‘title’.jpg. The file format must be jpg.

Crop your photo so only the image of the painting is showing, the image is straight, and the color and exposure are as true to your painting as possible.  You will need to resize your picture to 1800 pixels on the longest side and set the resolution to 72  dpi using a photo editing program, such as Photoshop Elements or one of the free programs you can download – for example, Gimp.

(300 dpi is only needed for print production, as in a magazine.)

Step 1 — Open your Picture as you normally would to view it or open the folder that contains your pictures.
Step 2 – Select the picture or pictures you want to send. Then click the E-mail tab – this is usually found at the top of the screen or in one of the drop-down menus. You can select more than one picture to send at a time by clicking on the 1st one and holding down the CTRL button as you click on the 2nd picture in the folder.
Step 3 – A Box pops up and you can select the size to send the picture.  For our show, Large (1280px x 1024px at 72dpi) is acceptable. If you have already resized your photo to 1800 px on the longest side and reset resolution to 72dpi, you should send the picture at Original Size. (In other programs, such as Picasa, you may need to pre-set the size – Look in the Tools tab for Options – then look for email. Then set it for at least 1600 and no more than 1800 pixels on the longest side, set the dpi to 72.  Picasa does not have the option of setting resolution.)
Step 4 – Then click Attach. The E-mail program opens with the New Message showing your picture as an attachment.
Step 5 – Fill in the TO: and SUBJECT: Lines. In the Message area, be sure to include Your Name and the Title, Size and Price of each painting.

Then send the message!

How To E-mail Digital Entries on a MAC
Example is done In Photoshop Elements

Step 1 – A dialogue box appears where you enter the size you need for the entry. In the box marked Resolution type in 72. On the lower left click on the box Resample Image. Now go to the box that corresponds to the longest side of the image (Width or Height) and type in 1800. Your image is now sized for entry. Now you need to save your new sized image.
Step 2 – To save the Resized Image with Photoshop Elements, go to the upper left and click on File. A drop down menu appears and you click on Save as. The “Save As” dialogue box appears where you enter the name. Make sure jpg is selected in the “Format” box.
The digital files must be named as follows: last name in CAPS + first name in lower case, #1 or #2 and the title of the painting. The file format must be jpg. Example : DOEjohn #1_landscape.jpg. In the upper part of the box find the Save In area. If the folder listed is not where you want to save your resized image, use the drop down menu to locate and then click on the place where you want to save the image. Click Save. Remember where you save your image so when you email or put it on a CD it will be easy to find.
Step 3 – Open Email. Fill in the TO: and SUBJECT: Lines. In the Message area, be sure to include Your Name and the Title, Size and Price of each painting. Locate the attach symbol in the menu bar and choose your file(s). Then send the message!