July is ‘World Wide Watercolor Month’. To celebrate, CFWS members were invited to participate in this online non-juried show. It displays their vision, talent, ingenuity, and fun with the many facets of watercolor. Thanks to those who shared their art.

“Composition and design, from my point of view, is one of the
essential components for a successful painting. Technique and craftsmanship should never be the one dominating factor.”

Anne Abgott, FWS, NWS

All artists, regardless of experience, are welcome to our membership. We are a watercolor family. Join online and become a member of a group of artists passionate about the art of watercolor.

Many of the paintings on display are for sale.  Although the work is not priced, CFWS will forward your purchase inquiry to the artist and purchase details will be handled directly with the artists. Please provide your name, the title of the painting, the artist name and preferred method of contact in your Inquiry Request.

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