We had 3 artists, Marcela, Leslie and Terri,  enjoying a beautiful day of painting, at Leu Gardens, on April 14th. It was a last addition to our normal plein air schedule. We photographed and painted the dinosaur sculptures that were nestled among the blooming plants and lush grasses. It was a lot of fun and we recommend that you visit before they leave on April 25. Below are just a few of the many sculptures:

Bambiraptors on a log by the tropical stream.

Alligator looking dino stalking something…..

A Florida Anole pouches on the head of a Compsognathus! Cheeky!

Allosaurus close up

Mom Allosaurus and 3 kids.

Heterodontosaurus running through the plants.

Citipati, aka the “Funeral Pyre lord”

Mom Citipati near her nest of eggs.

Quetzalcoatlus juveniles in nest by Leslie Rossetti

Florida anole sits on the Compsognathus – by Terri Chin