Janet Rogers demo at January 10th CFWS meeting

January 10, 2021 – Fifty five members watched a great demonstration of transparent watercolors by Janet Rogers, AWS.  Her subject was a portrait of Erin, Mary’s daughter, in a feathered hat. First she started with some warm up exercises of Iris and Roses. Playing with the paint and changing values as you go, add movement to your colors. The brushes that she uses are KingArt. She likes their spring and used a round #9 size and a flat. She worked on #140 lb Arches.

CFWS members
CFWS members
Warming up with blues and greens.
Warm up painting a rose and playing with greens

Her palette colors are Aureolin (W/N), Permanent Rose (W/N, Cheap Joe’s) and Cobalt blue (W/N, Cheap Joe’s) for the first triad. Quinachridone Gold (W/N, Daniel Smith), Permanent Alizarin Crimson (W/N, Holbein) and Ultramarine blue (W/N, American Journey) for the second triad.

Janet’s 6 palette colors
Preliminary sketch in pencil
Warm colors bring forward and cool colors push back.
Neutral shadows
     Portrait shows hard and soft edges. Dark background brings out white feathers.