Barbara, Cindy, Dan, Debbie, Judy, Leslie, Marcela and Thouraya had a wonderful day at “The Beach” at Lake Lousia State Park. The day began with overcast weather, but ended up a beautifully sunny. We enjoyed great conversations and stunning views. Lake Louisa State Park is truly a gem and is definitely worth a visit.

Debbie, Dan, Barbara and Cindy enjoy the inspiring lakeside view.
Leslie, Marcela, Barbara and Judy relaxing under the beautiful spanish moss draped tree limbs.
Marcela’s painting
Leslie’s painting
Leslie’s painting
Thouraya’s painting

Photos courtesy of Thouraya.

See you all next month when our plein air will be at Harry P. Leu gardens near downtown Orlando on 1920 North Forest Avenue. 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Entrance fee applies. (a few CFWS members have passes available, so please check)

Remember to bring water, lunch, art supplies, hat and an adventurous attitude! 😎 🎨