May 2 General Meeting/Election/Show & Tell

Pam welcomed everyone to the last general members meeting of the 2021 season.  We had our members election, of our four officers of the society, as first order of business.

Pam Chock (Merle) and Charlie (Charlotte) Cipes were unanimously reelected as co-presidents.

Richelle Siska was elected our new vice president.

Mary Dall was reelected as secretary.

Marilyn Rathbun, CPA, still working with Pam as our treasurer.

Congratulations to all! There was a great round of applause!

The last board meeting of our season is May 20. Members are invited to attend the fun! Learn what goes on behind the scenes!

There were some announcements from members: The Polk Museum of Art has a Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit up until May 23.

Lakeland Art Guild Third Online Exhibition, CFWS member Ron Malone is in:

Lakeland Art Guild – 49th Annual Melvin Gallery Art Exhibition, CFWS members Marcela Moglia, Leslie Rossetti, Mary Kathryn Van Kleunen, Dorothy Cline are in:

Richelle Siska put together a lovely slide show of art that our members have been working on over the last few months. The CFWS Show & Tell  were 14 wonderful pieces of art. Here they are:

Standing Tall by Mary Dall
Misty by Alice Dressner
Hope on the Horizon by Susan Greenlee-Mamon
Arbor Day Farmers Market by Stewart Jones
Eau De Parfum by Richelle Jarc (Siska)
The Queens by Judith Kaye
Yellow Crested Night Heron by Nancy Larkin
Four Owls by Roberta Lerman
Orchids by Marianna Ross
Floofing by Leslie Rossetti
Rock Landscape by Susie Schreiber
Bad Hair Day by Marion Wagster
Planting Time by Ann Worrall
Water Lily by Thouraya Zapara
Quantum Leap Winery by Teresa Chin

More paintings, and great art tips, were shared from our members at the zoom meeting:

Pat Shaer’s abstract
David Williams’ portrait
Dawn Shumard’s mother and child
Leslie holds up the Loew Cornell fine line pen

Jane Brinckerhoff’s painting of Nehrling Gardens

Cheri Ptacek’s Girl on Beach
Mary Kathryn Van Kleunen’s White Bird
Faye Tambrino’s Landscape
Pam (Chock) Merle’s Seascape

      Pam had a great tip on using yellow frog tape to tape down your paintings. It is a low tack tape for delicate surfaces found here:

See how much action and information you can miss if you don’t come to the meetings!?  Our members are a wealth of inspiration and knowledge!

Keep painting!  Remember to enter the Summer of Art Online Show … and see you soon!













Painting the Trumpet flower by Carol Carter

Carol Carter’s workshop was an exciting experience!  We had 3 hours so it was a fast painting. We had already drawn out our Trumpet Flower or Datura onto a #140 watercolor paper. Since she does the background first, we masked the flower with masking tape and Incredible white mask.

Mask the flower with tape and Incredible White Mask.

We wet the entire background then brushed in Cobalt Turquoise Light, deeper, richer and vibrant on the bottom and lightly graduated tint to the top.

Cobalt Turquoise Light background gradient.

Dry the painting and remove the mask. Then start painting the flower bloom, on the right.  Use a number 2 brush. – wet the shape with clear water – then outline with Burnt Sienna.  Just do the exterior edge, then soften with water. Add Aureolin Yellow, then Winsor Green in the middle.

Remove mask after background dries.
Start painting flower on far right.
Next, paint the shapes at the top of the flowers and big leaf.

Next, small shapes near the top. Aureolin, then some Winsor Green around the edge.

Flowers painted one at a time.

Drop down to the petal on the lower right, add Aureolin, outline in Burnt Sienna. Down below outline in Burnt Sienna, soften with water then drop in Aureolin.

Wet the big leaf at the top right and the second trumpet on the right. Outline in Burnt Sienna on the outside edge to the neck of the flower, open the line with water, drop in Aureolin at the tip, leave light paper in the middle, add Aureolin at the neck, then Winsor Green. Then outline the big leaf with a mix of Winsor Green and Burnt Sienna, open the line with water and add Aureolin to the tip and gradated it back and add green and yellow

Finished painting.

The steps were repeated with each blossom and at the end of the session we showed off our beautiful Datura’s!  Carol Carter was fun to work with. We all learned so much!  Thank you Carol!

We show off our finished work!

Carol Carter has more workshops coming up, so check out her website for more opportunities:

Dick Blick Art Materials and Hahnemuhle celebrate Earth Day

Two of our generous CFWS sponsors sent out emails today in honor of Earth Day.  So, for your consideration please remember to check them out next time you need art supplies:

Blick Art Materials:  Save up to 30% on handmade watercolor paper. Discounts on Fabriano EcoQua notebooks and EcoCare Frames. Live on Facebook today at 4PM CST, artist Karen Elaine Parsons demonstrates a folded watercolor notebook featuring Yasutomo watercolors.

Hahnemuhle:   With our Natural Line product range, we offer the perfect opportunity for artists to be creative using paper made from alternative raw materials such as agave 135# watercolor paper, hemp sketch paper, or bamboo mixed media for watercolor, acrylic or pastel.





Recap – Plein Air at Cypress Grove

Leslie and Karen concentrate on their painting, down by the lake.

We had 7 plein air artists paint by the lake at Cypress Grove on Saturday. Thouraya, Sandy, Marcela, Debbie, Karen, Leslie, and Terri enjoyed a breezy day painting a gazebo, Great Blue Heron and the shore of Lake Jessamine. It was fun to get together to enjoy each other’s company and exchange tips on painting outdoors.

Sandi, Thouraya and Debbie under the lush trees with lots of hanging moss.
Great Blue Heron poses for us.
Finding your muse.
The Great Blue Heron by Leslie Rossetti.
Beautiful Lake Jessamine by Thouraya Zapara.
The gazebo by Sandi Baier.
Lake Jessamine view by Teresa Chin.

Sandi had a great tip on an Easel Butler (from Canada) which hooks around the legs or your easel creating a shelf. It can hold some type of tray or board to hold your paints, palettes and other tools.
(#EB 125  $38.95 plus shipping $8.95) website has other products …


The website has photos and reviews:


April meeting demo by Laurie Goldstein Warren

We had 43 CFWS members watch the wonderful and informative demo by Laurie Goldstein Warren.

Her painting was a mardi gras musician. Her palette is mostly these 4 colors: Quinacridone Rose and Gold, Antwerp Blue, Cobalt Blue… and Black. Occasionally she will use turquoise which she loves. She paints dark to light, and works in values first, using a black and white photograph. Starting in the upper left corner she used a large #14 Escoda brush to paint in the Quin Gold, then the Quin Rose was dropped in quick and finally Antwerp Blue.

drop Quin Rose into the Quin Gold
Antwerp Blue dropped in and allowed to mix

Let those colors mix on the page. Paint fast, don’t worry about the edges. Start at the top and work your way down to avoid dragging through the paint. Getting the darks early helps build confidence. For darker colors, values of 9 to 7, use the Antwerp Blue and for lighter value colors, of 6 and below, use the Cobalt.

She considers herself an impressionistic painter. Look for shapes with the same values and bundle them together. Play around the values and use Photoshop – Poster Lines – kick up the contrast, move the slider until you like what you see. The Lamp Black is a dead color so it makes colors around it lovely. Add little pieces in shadows, hair, etc.

She uses a large calligraphy brush to paint over all the colors to glaze. She added Quin Gold to the tuba. Leave out the gold for cool areas. If you mix it up between cool, warm, cool, it’s more fun for the viewers.

Quin Gold, Rose and Antwerp blue in the darkest areas
Quin Gold, Rose in tuba
TIP: use corner of paper towel to wick up extra paint

Keep in mind why you wanted to paint this picture. What is the story? Keep it in mind as you pick colors, the center of interest gets more darks or contrast.

adding black

She added lamp black to his eyes and piece of the letter on his hat, and his beard. Black is a level 9 tone value.

Lastly, never frame a painting you haven’t stared at for 2 weeks to find the boo boo’s.

Thank you so much Laurie for a great demo! We learned a lot!     If you would like to talk to Laurie, her email is:

finished image







Plein air painting of dinosaurs

We had 3 artists, Marcela, Leslie and Terri,  enjoying a beautiful day of painting, at Leu Gardens, on April 14th. It was a last addition to our normal plein air schedule. We photographed and painted the dinosaur sculptures that were nestled among the blooming plants and lush grasses. It was a lot of fun and we recommend that you visit before they leave on April 25. Below are just a few of the many sculptures:

Bambiraptors on a log by the tropical stream.

Alligator looking dino stalking something…..
A Florida Anole pouches on the head of a Compsognathus! Cheeky!
Allosaurus close up
Mom Allosaurus and 3 kids.
Heterodontosaurus running through the plants.
Citipati, aka the “Funeral Pyre lord”
Mom Citipati near her nest of eggs.
Quetzalcoatlus juveniles in nest by Leslie Rossetti
Florida anole sits on the Compsognathus – by Terri Chin

Vote for your favorite wine label design!

We have 4 artists from the Central Florida Watercolor Society in the competition for the Quantum Leap Winery label contest!

Marcela Moglia, Vera Gubnitskaia, Christine Peloquin and Teresa Chin submitted label designs. The voting  is going on now through April 18th. If you would like to show support for your fellow society members, as well as contribute to art programs like Youth ArtReach, please vote for your favorite design. Every vote is $1 and goes to youth programming.

March 28thApril 18th – online public voting ($1 per vote) for the art which is also a donation to the museum.

April 22nd – Finalists notified

May 27th – Exhibition opening night and winners to be announced.


Plein Air fun at Lake Concord Park!

It was a brisk Saturday morning in Casselberry. There were 5 CFWS plein air artists enjoying the beautiful lakeside scenes at Lake Concord Park. Thouraya, Janet, David, Mary Kathryn and Teresa found some beautiful subjects to experience and paint, at and around the Casselberry Art House.

Thouraya found a nice spot out of the wind to paint.
Mary Kathryn admiring the beautiful mosaics on the art house.
Janet paints near some lush tropical plants.
David and Thouraya picking out the most perfect place to paint.
David did a quick painting of the front porch and garden of the art house. The elegant sculpture seems to reach for the sky.
Thouraya painted the lush palm and blooming purple plants.
Thouraya also painted the sculpture that looks like it’s dancing!
Teresa painted the walkway around the park and lakeside view.

Next month, April 17, we hope to see you at Cypress Grove Park near the small white gazebo. Leave the 4 walls of your studio behind. Connect with nature while practicing composition and color and join us for a wonderful time! See you there!

March and April Plein Air dates and information…


March 20, 2021 – Saturday  10 am – 4 pm

Lake Concord Park, 5 acres, adjacent to where the Casselberry Art House is located. We have had a lot of fun here before! There is a lovely lake, fountain, sculptures, spring blooms, boardwalk, big trees and the beautiful front mosaic of the art house! Lots of benches in the shade. See you there!

127 Quail Pond Circle
Casselberry, FL 32707


April 17, 2021  – Saturday  10-4pm

Cypress Grove Park, we will meet by the small white gazebo. It is at the end of the park’s long drive upon entering the park. It is close to the third /last parking lot on your right where the playground is. The restrooms are nearby too.  There are benches and a few picnic tables. There are no seats at the gazebo. See you there!”

290 Holden Ave., Orlando FL

Meet at the gazebo.