Feb. 6 -CFWS meeting and demo by Ron Malone

Our watercolor painting demonstration on February 6 will be by portrait artist Ron Malone. Ron is back by popular demand! He last taught us about his watercolor technique in Oct. 2019.

Bio: Ronald Malone, FWS, GWS, Bartow, FL

While studying to become an art teacher I took a class in watercolor painting. I found it fascinating the way water moved and mixed the transparent colors to form unusual patterns and textures. I thought at that point, someday I would try to master watercolor painting.

Fast forward forty years later.  The year is 2015.   My career in management consulting up to this point did not allow much time for hobbies.  I bought some paint, brushes and paper and enrolled in a beginner’s watercolor painting class.  The moment I created my first wash, I was “hooked.”

Most of my paintings are portraits.   I find capturing the eyes and expression of a person in a painting challenging.  I paint almost every day.  I like trying new techniques and color mixes with various subject in different settings.

Watercolor is a medium which offers so many variations for the artist.  I have only “scratched the surface” of this medium’s potential.

I find myself back to college days when I had plans to be an art teacher.  Now I am teaching watercolor painting.  I got pulled into teaching classes and workshops by friends who wanted me to show them how I painted.  I now teach a weekly watercolor class on basics.  I have more advanced students attending than beginners because of their recognized need for mastering the basics.  I have demos and workshops scheduled throughout the year.

I love teaching and welcome anyone to call or write with any assistance I can be to them.

For more information: https://www.ronaldmalone.com/about-the-artist

Tooting our horn: CFWS members to exhibit art

We were honored to be invited to a special networking event, by our friends at the Winter Park Health & Wellbeing Center.

Thank you to all who volunteered!   Marcela M., Leslie R., Richelle S., Charlie C,, Susan G., Diane D., and Teresa C.  Whew!!! We will take photos and do a recap after the event for all to enjoy.

Sadly, this event is not open to the public. 

Diana Silvey, VP Programming for Center for Health & Wellbeing,  contacted me to see if 6 CFWS artists would like to display their artwork to showcase our organization to a statewide philanthropic network. The name of the organization is the Florida Philanthropic Network.  Because we now have a relationship with the Wellbeing Center, we were the first group she thought of.

These are non-profits networking with other non-profits, so you never know where a connection will lead. We would be getting a statewide exposure. 

We would display for 2 hours during a cocktail reception.  They have asked for 6 pieces of art. So, either 6 artists or if we have less than 6 then each artist can display more than 1 piece.

There may be an honorarium to the society for our participation, details to be work out.

They may provide the easels; we need to talk to the organizer… Amy.

Date is February 17th… at the JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort off of I-4 and Epcot blvd.

Time is 6-8 pm…. Set up at around 5pm.

Dress would be nice… business casual.

We can ask about bringing business cards or the framed CFWS logo to display. (Amy)

The contact from the FPN went to our website and saw that we are holding our annual show there, and was impressed to see our connection to the Wellbeing Center!

Diana needs to know our answer by Friday, January 14, or sooner.



Let me know if you have any other questions,

thank you, Teresa Chin

email: tschin@mindspring.com


Recap of Jan. 9 CFWS general meeting with Caryn Dahm

Sunday, January 9th was a beautiful day in Central Florida, and a great day for an online demo from Caryn Dahm!

Caryn loves to paint FOOD! She does a lot of commission work as well as teaching and “Live Painting.” See her website at caryndahm.com and find out more about it. She prefers to paint from life but takes photos and also refers to stock photography for details. Sharing some tips she told us about: using porcelain pallets for splitting warms and cools; using a nail file or a magic eraser to scrub out highlights; using a Stadler Mars Plastic eraser for better control. She often uses Prismacolor pencils and Derwent pencils for metallics.

Her sketch of a fruit tart was very light and she had used masking fluid to mask out highlights. Her technique was loose and interpretive of her subject, leaving the white of the paper to full advantage. Caryn uses the natural drying time to take breaks and frequently has several projects going at the same time. She says “You can do that with watercolor.” She dabs in strong color and then comes back with water to move it around in the shape. “It’s much livelier if you let the water make it dance. Drop in other colors to make it more interesting.” She captures what she likes about her subject rather than going for photo-realism. Vary the color, value and texture within an object. Burnt Umber, Pthalo Blue and Paynes Grey are her go to for darks. Caryn uses a flashlight to show where the shadows lie and keep them interesting. “Keep that light source in mind for shape and continuity.” Turn the painting upside down to check the shapes, vary soft and crisp edges.

Caryn shared with us how she scans art into Photoshop, highlighting resolution, file name and file type. We discussed using .tiffs or .pdf files for print and .jpg or .png for online submissions and posting on your website. Scanning should be done at 300 dpi for print and 72 dpi for online use. This information is useful for preparing art for entry into shows and for use in printing. Some people use Picasso and other free applications to do their scanning because Photoshop is very expensive unless you are using it for commission work. Caryn showed us some of the types of images she does for clients and how it is a good revenue stream for her in her home studio. She showed us how you can do something you love and make a successful business out of it. Thank you Caryn, it was fun!

Join us next month when our demonstrating artist will be Ron Malone! He is back by popular demand!

Recap of Plein Air at Nehrling Gardens

On December 15th a group of CFWS Plein Air artists  enjoyed a lovely day at Nehrling Gardens.

The Bee house by Marcela

A little bit of sun, rain, breezes and lots of flowers formed a perfect day with a great group! The group consisted of Ann W., Jane B., Thouraya Z., Leslie R., and Marcela M.

Enjoy the photos below of the group and their beautiful creations!

Leslie’s painting of the Fairy Garden.
Beautiful American Beauty Berries by Thouraya
Nehrling Gardens PA, by Ann

A great time was had by all! Join in the fun next month at Lake Concord Park, by the Casselberry Art House, on January 15, 2022!

January 9, 2022 meeting demo by Caryn Dahm

Our painting demonstration for January 9, 2022, will be by CFWS member Caryn Dahm. She’s passionate about family and food. Her artwork features food illustrations, family recipes, and also landscapes.

She has a background in graphic design and a degree in visual communication from Ohio State University. As a professional watercolor artist, designer and illustrator for clients large and small, she loves putting company names, inspirational verses and thoughts with watercolors. She teaches adults and kids year-round, as well as hosting an annual summer art camp at a local church. Tune in Sunday, Jan. 9, to see Caryn with an empty piece of watercolor paper and watch it transform into something meaningful.

For more information check out “Creative Collaboration with Caryn Dahm” at:







Sue Archer In Person workshop details

We are offering an in person, 3-day, watercolor COMMANDING COLORa COLOR THEORY WORKSHOP with award winning artist SUE ARCHER, NWS, AWS, TWSA, FWS

A course designed to inspire your creativity by learning to “see” and experience some of the different aspects of color theory and painting light on objects. Color is one of the elements of design!

“My goal as an instructor is to present you with information about COLOR THEORY to add to your core of knowledge regardless of your medium. I believe in the power of planning and understanding the basics. The objective here is not to change you, but to take you to another level. Then it is up to you to take this  knowledge and apply it to the medium, genre, style and subject matter that suits you.”

In this workshop watercolor-painters will be exposed to the importance of pigment quality, the importance of considering the white paper as a “color”, and how to achieve darks. All medium-painters will be exposed to   all other aspects of color theory for painters.

Topics to be discussed: Color Theory – Achieving colorful darks – Pigment quality – Psychology of color –Importance of value and shape – Unity – Saving white paper – Intent – Showing strong light on objects.

Her award-winning paintings are exhibited in national, regional, and state competitions and hang in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and South America. She has won over 200 state and national awards in outdoor shows and indoor competitive exhibitions.

For more insight into her workshop, visit:  https://sue-archer-watercolors.com/site/workshops/

Cheap JOe’s interview with Sue Archer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvjqoZGXcrE&t=333s

Location of workshop: Hopper Academy, 1101 Pine Ave., Sanford, Fla. 32771

Dates: March 7th,8th, 9th 2022   Hours: 9am. to 4pm.

Fee: $300.00 early bird, for members, before Sunday Jan. 23rd, 2022

$325.00 for members, after January 23rd ,2022 –  .

Non-Members $400.00

For more information about the benefits of being a CFWS member and our online membership registration, go to our Membership Registration.

Space is limited, act now!

Workshop participants will receive list of supplies, to prepare for the workshop. Students bring their own photos, for any subject, printed out at approximately 8×10. Make sure references have side light on the subject.

Recap of CFWS Members Holiday Party 2021

It was so good to see so many of our Central Florida Watercolor Society membership at our Dec. 5, 2021, Holiday Party/In house Art Show! Several members expressed how happy they were to meet in person.

The hospitality table was set up outside the clubhouse where we registered, got our tags and had our paintings numbered for the in house art show. Everyone wore their masks while inside the clubhouse.

And what a fabulous art show it was, filled with every type of subject matter! We had large paintings of cute canines, beautiful portraits, wildlife, sumi-e, abstract, architectural and landscape paintings. Everyone I talked to said they wanted to vote for 8 or 9 paintings. But, we were limited to 3.







Chauncy painted a graceful swan and glazed acrylic medium over the water for a shimmering effect.


  So many wonderful paintings! What a talented group!

   Mary took care of the mini paintings, near the  bags.

    The food and drinks were outside in picture perfect weather. We had lots of good things to eat!








Santa, David and Roberta did the honors of handing out the raffle prizes!




Susan finally won the raffle for the beautiful portrait by CFWS member, Ron Malone. He had done a portrait demonstration in Oct. 2019. Susan had purchased tickets before the pandemic and kept them all this time. Congratulations!


Vera won an ArtBin!




Marcela won a 2x OttLite!

A new member wins a sketchbook!



Heather wins SECOND PLACE

 Susan wins FIRST PLACE




Recap of Nov. Plein Air at Mead Gardens

Plein Air Recap for November 20, 2021

Thouraya and Terri braved the drizzly rain at our plein air event in lovely Mead Gardens, in Winter Park. We found shelter at a covered area near the discovery barn.  There are lots of things to paint and draw at Mead, so we should plan another visit there sometime.

Terri did a botanical drawing of a Bleeding Hearts (Clerodendrum thomsoniae) vine. Since they were out in the rain, it was a chance to practice painting rain drops!

Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Thouraya did a beautiful landscape painting, with a strong oak tree and colorful shrubs.

More plein air events will be announced. See you out in the beautiful Florida Landscapes in 2022!