Vote for your favorite wine label design!

We have 4 artists from the Central Florida Watercolor Society in the competition for the Quantum Leap Winery label contest!

Marcela Moglia, Vera Gubnitskaia, Christine Peloquin and Teresa Chin submitted label designs. The voting  is going on now through April 18th. If you would like to show support for your fellow society members, as well as contribute to art programs like Youth ArtReach, please vote for your favorite design. Every vote is $1 and goes to youth programming.

March 28thApril 18th – online public voting ($1 per vote) for the art which is also a donation to the museum.

April 22nd – Finalists notified

May 27th – Exhibition opening night and winners to be announced.


Plein Air fun at Lake Concord Park!

It was a brisk Saturday morning in Casselberry. There were 5 CFWS plein air artists enjoying the beautiful lakeside scenes at Lake Concord Park. Thouraya, Janet, David, Mary Kathryn and Teresa found some beautiful subjects to experience and paint, at and around the Casselberry Art House.

Thouraya found a nice spot out of the wind to paint.
Mary Kathryn admiring the beautiful mosaics on the art house.
Janet paints near some lush tropical plants.
David and Thouraya picking out the most perfect place to paint.
David did a quick painting of the front porch and garden of the art house. The elegant sculpture seems to reach for the sky.
Thouraya painted the lush palm and blooming purple plants.
Thouraya also painted the sculpture that looks like it’s dancing!
Teresa painted the walkway around the park and lakeside view.

Next month, April 17, we hope to see you at Cypress Grove Park near the small white gazebo. Leave the 4 walls of your studio behind. Connect with nature while practicing composition and color and join us for a wonderful time! See you there!

March and April Plein Air dates and information…


March 20, 2021 – Saturday  10 am – 4 pm

Lake Concord Park, 5 acres, adjacent to where the Casselberry Art House is located. We have had a lot of fun here before! There is a lovely lake, fountain, sculptures, spring blooms, boardwalk, big trees and the beautiful front mosaic of the art house! Lots of benches in the shade. See you there!

127 Quail Pond Circle
Casselberry, FL 32707


April 17, 2021  – Saturday  10-4pm

Cypress Grove Park, we will meet by the small white gazebo. It is at the end of the park’s long drive upon entering the park. It is close to the third /last parking lot on your right where the playground is. The restrooms are nearby too.  There are benches and a few picnic tables. There are no seats at the gazebo. See you there!”

290 Holden Ave., Orlando FL

Meet at the gazebo.

Marianna Ross showing in New Smyrna

Interweave – Watercolor and Silk Paintings by CFWS member Marianna Hamilton Ross will be shown at the Founders Gallery, The HUB, New Smyrna Beach from April 3-25, 2021.

Opening Reception is Saturday, April 3, 4-7 pm. A silk painting demonstration on April 17 at 1 pm.
All welcome!

The HUB on Canal
Founders Gallery
132 Canal Street
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

“Chalice” by Marianna Ross

Call for Artists – Wine Label design – Deadline is 3/27/21 midnight

Call to all artists from the Orlando Museum of Art and Artscape. They have partnered with Quantum Leap Winery for a fun and creative label competition.

The deadline for entries is March 27 at midnight!

March 27th – deadline for digital artwork submission, $5.00 per entry and artist can submit up to 3 entries. The file should be a .jpg and to see how to label your entry please look in “Artscape art and wine events” submission form.

March 28thApril 18th – online public voting ($1 per vote) for the art which is also a donation to the museum.

April 22nd – Finalists notified

May 27th – Exhibition opening night and winners to be announced.

For more specific information and guidelines please click on the links:

Have fun and good luck!






Watercolor demo by Donna Jill Witty – 3/7/21 CFWS meeting

Donna Jill Witty, AWS, NWS,  demonstrates her painting technique for 57 members of the watercolor society on Sunday.

57 members observe the mask on highlights of cherries and stems.  

“Cherries” on a decorative table … this painting appeared in a Splash book.  Draw the composition on watercolor paper. She simplifies and looks at big shapes and works out dark and light values.

Mask is on highlights and stems, then yellow/orange painted in. Teal tipped in small areas.

Mask the high light values using Incredible White Mask Liquid Frisket by Grafix, and a bit of water. Paper is a half sheet, soft press, Fabriano, 300#. Hot press does not give her the control and is harder to glaze because the fibers are not as absorbent and paint will lift. She uses mostly Daniel Smith paints. It is not easy to make mud with them. Winsor Newton is a heavier paint.

She starts with a #6 round brush. Painting wet on dry and not the complete background. She will start with Indian Yellow and tip in a teal blue. Add a little orange to warm up the yellow.  She wets the background with #12 brush. Drop in random yellow and orange colors. Adjust tones. Keep it painterly. Paint through the shadows using Holbein Verditer blue.

blues are added
Incredible White Mask by Grafix
close up of the masking fluid

In this next stage there is now additional mask over everything except shapes of the cherries and shadows. She uses embossing stylus tools, and color shapers with rubber tips to apply the mask.

Incredible mask protects the rest of the painting as reds are brushed on.on

Using a #12 brush she applies Winsor Red and Alizarine Crimson from a large puddle, then brushes in Prussian Blue for shadows. Spray with a water mist to keep it wet and tip the paper to help the colors move.

Winsor Red/Alizarin Crimson with Prussian blue in shadow areas
spritz with water and tilt to move the paint

The final touches involve softening edges, with a scrubby brush, and adding Quinacridone Magenta to highlights for interest.

Final touches-add magenta and soften highlights

A beautiful painting! Thank you Jill!

A SOBO visit after a rained out Plein Air

Leslie, Thouraya and Terri had planned to do some plein air painting at the Tibet-Butler preserve, but nature had other plans. After it started to rain, we went over to see the CFWS juried annual member show at SOBO. It was a safe visit and we enjoyed the 2 beautiful shows. In the outer gallery was the abstract artwork. At least 3 of our society members were in this show! We have a lot of talent!

Thouraya with her “Late Afternoon” seaside painting.
Leslie with her mountain lion painting “Surveyor”.

In the newly constructed gallery was our exceptional annual juried show. It has been getting great reviews! One comment, from SOBO, was that it had so much life!

We all felt that going during the week, when crowds are small, was a good thing. The gallery had masks and hand sanitizers as you entered. Social distancing was encouraged.

Parking is conveniently located next to the building and there is also a free parking structure across the street.

If you get hungry, Pammies Sammies is next door. There is a walk-up window and outdoor eating area for a nice leisurely meal in safety and comfort.

walk up window and outdoor seating

If you haven’t’ seen the shows yet, we highly recommend them.

Thank you SOBO for this beautiful and safe venue. A good time was had by all!

Everyone wore masks to stay safe.

Click on the link for more information on these 2 wonderful shows at the Winter Garden Art Association:

Feb. 7 David Smith AWS, NWS, watercolor demonstration of a misty lake

CFWS members watch the zoom demo

We had 59 members join David Smith via Zoom to watch a fascinating and fun demonstration on painting waves and mist in a pine forest.  David likes to paint happy trees, like Bob Ross, one of his favorite artists. He even has a Bob Ross cutout in his studio!   He painted on an 11 x 15 sheet of cold press, Arches #140 paper, but he also likes Fabriano which is more sensitive. The paper is on an angled tripod that can swivel. After taping down the paper he works wet into wet .

ball joint in the tripod

David likes to work wet into wet. Using a large flat brush, he wet the top half of the page,  brushed in the Sky with Indigo and Payne’s Grey.

David using a big brush to wet the sky area.
The troughs of water drawn at bottom.
Pointed brushes for building waves.
Faux Squirrel 1827 liner Aux Reservoir brush

One of the brushes used was a #12 Faux Squirrel round and another was a Faux Squirrel 1827 liner Aux Reservoir to build up the waves.  First draw the troughs and waves, then add cream consistency into the light areas  and build up the waves. Spatter with water so the pigment follows the water and pulls the color up the paper, create texture.

Build up waves by flowing in dark color with liner brush.

Add tree trunks, with a liner, then use a sponge to add leaves. Use a thirsty brush to pull the paint out for a misty effect. Don’t make all the trees the same size or distance apart.

Use a thirsty brush to pull out color for a misty effect. At the end add some birds and you are done!
Final painting with birds on the right.

Thank you David for a great demonstration! Several of our members recommended his fun workshops! Click on the link for more info:

CFWS Plein Air Event FUN! For Feb. – May 2021 See you there!

February 17, 2021  –  WEDNESDAY !!! 10am – 4pm
Tibet – Butler Nature Preserve
8777 Winter Garden/ Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32836

Please be attentive to the park entrance, it is easy to miss. Follow directions from the park entrance to the parking area near the Park Office. Restrooms are nearby. There is a small butterfly garden with native plants there, and a habitat for rescued tortoises. The large veranda has rocking chairs for visitors. Past the veranda and the office is the entrance to the trails. No fees required

March 20, 2021 – Saturday  10 am – 4 pm
Lake Concord Park, adjacent to where the Casselberry Art House is located.
Quail Pond Circle parking area
Casselberry, FL

There are many park benches and lots of outdoor sculptures in the gardens.

April 17, 2021  – Saturday  10-4pm
Cypress Grove Park
290 Holden Ave., Orlando FL

NOTE: Meeting Point to be determined.

May 15, 2021 – Saturday 10 – 4pm
Leu Gardens (Entrance fee for non-members)   1920 N Forest Ave., Orlando FL
Meet by the outdoor sitting area outside the main entrance.

Annual Show Participating Artists

Artists participating in the 2021 Annual Show
hosted at SOBO this February/March

Janet Asbury Ken Austin Sandi Baier Jane Brinckerhoff Teresa Chin
Pamela Chock Charlotte Cipes Dorothy Cline Karen Cole Mary Dall
Nancy Dias Susan Jane Donohoe Diana Eagles Dione Fetner Susan Greenlee-Mamon
Susan Grogan Vera Gubnitskaia Sandi Hanlon-Breuer Stewart Jones Patty Kane
Nancy Larkin Mike Malloy Tiffany McCarty Kim Minichiello Marcela Moglia
Jackii Molsick Chauncey Nelson Marianna Ross Leslie Rossetti Susie Schreiber
Richelle Siska George Stuart Cindy Sturla Deborah G Umphrey Mary Kathryn Van Kleunen
Marion Wagster Rebecca Wilkinson Ann Worrall Thouraya Zapara