The overall competition was very keen and very competitive. I was struck by the diversity of the submissions.

My first objective was to have a balanced show. Looking for Landscape, portrait and figure, still life and flower, abstract and OTHER. I found that in all of the submissions !

Composition and design from my point of view is one of the essential components for a successful painting. Technique and craftsmanship should never be the one dominating factor.

It was a pleasure and an honor to be associated with your organization and the fine artists that you represent.

Despite the end result I hope everyone will think positively , never lose their passion to paint and compete!

Without  question the award winners definitely exemplified the highest level of achievement !

Anne Abgott

Best in Show: Joan L>

This painting lives up to its title. It is quiet, moody and thoughtful. The artist has also used quiet colors to convey the

tone and the emotion . Nice composition great painting!

First place: Marcela M.

A perfect abstract ! It has line texture depth and motion! There is great impact and color.  Only one thing that could make it better! The artist might consider painting larger?

Second place: Mary Kathryn

A wonderful loose watercolor ! This artist has achieved a definite “ Signature” look. This is a  busy scene with a focus of interest! Nice composition and repetition of colors. 

I wish I could do this 

Third place: Mary Ellen

Love the color, love the composition, love the feeling of motion ! Tilting the composition was daring and creative .

Again maybe bigger?

Honorable mention 1: Susan G.

The artist has this animal up close and personal ! The focus of interest is definitely the eye! The grays and neutral colors are wonderful but the repetition of the warms in the body of the beast make it glow. I get the feeling of the sun hitting the animal . The triangles  of warm yellows  really make this painting work !

Honorable mention 2: Rebecca W.

Oh those greens! Such a hard thing to do ! This artist has used cool and warm greens in a masterful way! Beautiful composition and painting.

Award of Merit 1: George S.

Whimsical, amusing and technically perfect. I definitely smile and feel an emotion when looking at this painting. The use of flying leaves, bugs and grass to give the movement is masterful !

Award of Merit 2: Susie S.

Very creative and interesting here we have an artist thinking outside the box! 

I Love the complimentary colors and the design. 

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