We had 36 members and 3 guests join us at the at the Seminole County Public Library, 215 Oxford Road, Casselberry, Fl 32707, for an in person demonstration of watercolor painting by nationally known LYNN FERRIS. Lynn has taught a workshop for our society back in 2016. She is one of our most popular teachers.

Lynn plans out the composition ahead of time because watercolors happen quickly, so she does a drawing under the colors. She then will mask the whites, but keeps that to a minimum. Ferris uses a No. 2 pencil on Arches 140-lb cold-pressed paper stretched on a Homosote board, (which lasts for years) but sometimes uses 300-lb for color lifting. She always stretches and staples down her paper so there is no buckling when the paper dries. Working mostly from a black & white photo, she uses Alizarin Crimson, Thalo Blue and Cadmium Yellow Light in the background, varying the colors for more interest. Light and shadow brings emotion to painting. After she finishes the background the local color will be painted over it and colors self adjust. Shadows are usually cool but find a couple of warms in them.

Start background with Alizarin Crimson, Thalo Blue and Cadmium Yellow Light
Varying the background colors for more interest.
Use a rubber cement lifter to take off the masking fluid.
Mix a neutral warm to paint over the background under the table, as well as the basket.
Add the no fail background under the chair.

            Neutral warm over wicker basket and under table. For a quickie version of the begonias, ush in different reds. Masking on centers. The reds are Alizarin Crimson/Permanent Rose/ Opera (Holbein)  +  Aussie Red Gold (D.S.) for the flowers. 

Background needs to be darker. Now that the mask is gone – paint around lights. Her “no fail” background is Thalo Green, Thalo Blue, and Alizarin Crimson. Mix on the paper in a wet in wet technique. Push the paint near the edges to create a “peak a boo” edges – touch – no touch. Drop in the colors and put in whatever you grab. Drop in Cadmium Red in the background, it holds its color, while Alizarin Crimson disappears. It picks up the red flowers. Put it in the negative shadows in the table and background.  IF you get drips use a Magic Eraser to correct.

Adding in the background through the holes in the table.
            The final painting was included in our 50/50 raffle and the lucky winner was Rebecca Wilkinson. Congratulations!