Congratulations to the 3 gentlemen for a successful show! Ken sold 4 of his books and at least 3 paintings. Chauncey sold 7 or 8 and Glen sold 3 or 4!!!

The 3 Gentlemen of watercolor held an informal Gallery Talk on May 20 at CityArts, 39 S Magnolia Ave, Orlando, FL 32801, United States
Here are beautiful samples of each of the 3 gentlemen. An abstract “pour”, in greens/blues, by Chauncey Nelson on the left. Upper right is one of Ken Austins’ “Big Women Series”. Lower right is a painting of Lotus, by Glen Ward.
Linda asked a question on the color saturation in Ken’s paintings. He said he is not afraid of color and tries to encourage his studenst to go too far with the color, in order to come close to paint like he does.
Before the Bath by Ken Austin
Glen Ward told us about growing up in the Boggy Creek area, in Orlando. Years later… he studied under Peggy DuPont, an artist, in the Jacksonville area.

Below is one of Glen’s painting of the Boggy Creek area, back in the days before the big theme parks. It’s called “Rural Route One”.

Chauncey was raised on a farm and was inspired by his uncle who also did art.

He brought some visual aids to remind us about the 7 elements of design. Also to remember to do variation in our paintings.

We congratulated Renee on her purchase of a beautiful Ken Austin painting of a Florida beach scene. You could feel the wind blowing through the trees!

Ken answers questions at the end of his talk.

A Ten Hut by Glen Ward

Global Warming by Chauncey Nelson

Wall display of Ken Austin Paintings.

Please support our 3 special CFWS members and visit this amazing exhibit!



39 S. Magnolia Ave. Orlando, fl 32801

photos provided by Teresa Chin and Brad Biggs