We enjoyed a fun and educational workshop with Linda Wokoun. She uses water and principles of fluid dynamics to help her paintings turn into beautiful works of art. 

Linda introduces the class to her tips on managing fluid dynamics to produce beautiful paintings.

Factors that affect flow:

   Direct force –  such as a brush, which is the direct force applied to paint. 

   Surface tension – how fast the water moves on the paper. 

   Viscosity – how thick the paint is on the brush.

   Gravity – using it when tilting or moving the paper around.

   Capillary action – lifting paint or blossoms are examples. Water wants to be level.

Another technique we learned is “rainbowing” or going from one color to the next, letting the eye do the blending. A “bridging” of colors, bridges compliment from one to another. 

   Humans can only handle 2 – 3 things at a time, so she recommends using the same colors and papers over and over, to learn how to control your painting.

Thank you Linda, for a very informative and fun filled workshop experience. I learned so much and will try these techniques in my future paintings!

Linda has her own color wheel to use as a guide.
Using rain bowing and lifting leaf veins in the Magnolia blossom painting.
Two photos of the evolution of the tomatoes painting.
Blossom by Teresa Chin (in progress)