The Central Florida Watercolor Society plein air had a great turnout at the Chuluota home of Rebecca W. In attendance were Thouraya, Pam, Lauren, Ann, Janet, Jane, Michel, Leslie, Diane, Debbie, Richelle, Terri and our wonderful hostess, Rebecca.

Most everyone painted while sitting on the dock, under the shade of the roof.

A beautiful day by a beautiful lake.

There were beautiful vistas as far as we could see. From the lake filled with water lily leaves to the beautiful cypress shoreline. There were so many ideas, and so little time. 

Water Lilies on the Lake Gore.
A view of the cypress, water lilies, and Rebecca’s home. On the dock comes another plein air artist.
Leslie paints the kayaks, Ann paints the trees and lake. Michel rests in the background and Jane paints the opposite scene.
Diane under the umbrella near Pam, Lauren, and Thouraya. Richelle, Janet in the hat, Jane and Debbie up front. All are concentrating very hard on their paintings… it was very quiet.
Jane and Ann upfront … each take on a different scene.
Beauty all around us!
Michel enjoys the sun! Rebecca shared tea, quiche and other delicious treats with us!
Beautiful painting by Jane B.
Pam’s lovely art with dramatic darks! (Tom Jones said “No darks, no drama”)
What a lovely, serene and soft painting by Thouraya.
Leslie beautiful painting of the canoe on the dock, and the small white flowers in the water.

Thank you to Rebecca for hosting us and sharing some delicious tea, cake and quiche! What a perfect day!