At our last meeting of the season, Mary and Pam made announcements and thanked the officers and board.

Sept. 11 will be our next meeting, in person, Show and Tell. So, keep painting!

Mary gave beautiful tulips to Pam and Charlie and we all thanked them for their wonderful service to our society for the past three years.  👏 👏 👏 👏We cannot thank them enough for their enthusiastic leadership!

2022-2023 season schedule

Sept 11, 2022: In person, “Show and Tell”, All Saints Church of Winter Park

Oct 2, 2022: In person Cheryl Fausel, demo artist, All Saints of Winter Park

Nov 6, 2022: ZOOM Carrie Waller (tentative) from Japan

Dec 4, 2022: In person, Holiday party, All Saints of Winter Park

Jan 8, 2023: ZOOM, artist TBD

Feb 5, 2023: In person, artist TBD, All Saints Church of Winter Park

Mar 5, 2023: In person, workshop artist TBD, All Saints of Winter Park

April 2, 2023: ZOOM Demo TBD

May 7, 2023: In person swap meet/ice cream social, All Saints of Winter Park

Diane Darnall is at the beginning of the membership drive. May – July is when we need to renew membership. At the end of July there will be a drawing of a $40 membership, for free… and we will announce the winner at the September meeting.

Joining online is the most efficient way. But a check is still OK. Remember to hit the submit button to make sure all your information goes through.  Call Diane if you’re not sure.

Stewart starts with a value study.

Stewart Jones teaches at the Gallery on First, in Sanford. Value study is 1st   and Stewart had his example in blue. Value studies are like calisthenics. He shared a sample painting of wind, from the Winter Park Paint Out. He painted wet into wet and started with raw sienna in the sky area to warm it up. Most will disappear as the painting develops.  Cerulean blue, ultramarine blue starts the sky area then tip in a little Alizarin Crimson. He uses cheap brushes like a Millers brush for the large wet areas then  #16 round.

Dividing the painting into sky, water and foreground.

Vary the values of the wash. Don’t bother to fix things. Wait until the end. Edges in watercolor vary between soft, hard and out of focus. He mixes greens from yellows, blues and little red. Winsor Blue green shade is a staple in his palette.  Add interesting shapes and darker blues for shade in the tree line behind the lake. For depth remember that the farther things are the lighter and darker values bring objects closer.  Entertain the viewer, don’t create a photo.

Raw sienna and raw umber are used for the dock. He uses raw sienna, which is more transparent, instead of yellow ochre because yellow ocher creates mud.

For the ground up front, add Windsor blue into the brown. He uses a 1.5” Japanese Mandalay brush for texture. Also, unusual tools for scrapping like a palette knife, a Cheap Joe’s tool, credit card cut into shapes and carrot bag plastic clip. Reuse items that can work for you!

  Spanish moss was painted using a mix of violet and raw sienna neutral. Violet plus burnt umber for shadows on the tree.

“Fishing With Grandpa” by Stewart Jones

For the family on the dock, #16 round, it’s the point that is important. Finally, a rigger for fine lines and bullrushes up front. While out painting, remember to bring your business cards to advertise our society to interested folks. Relax and enjoy the birds!

Leslie Rossetti painted along with Stewart!

Thouraya Z. also painted along with Stewart!

Stewart brought along more paintings from his plein air adventures:


Click on Stewart Jones web link for more information:

Have a good summer and remember our last plein air event is May 21st at Lake Lily in Maitland. Maybe we shall see some baby ducks!