Julie N. opened the meeting and membership chair, Diane D. , said we have around 120 members.

Mary Kathryn: 1. the library accepts free books and magazines for our members to check out.  2. Field trip to Bradenton on Feb. 20 Tuesday, 8:30 – 4:30, only a couple of seats left.

Marianna R. found info that artists who have a business entity should register  with Financial Crimes and   

Nancy L. is organizing an art camp trip to Linn Haven, S. Carolina in October.

Show – Jane B. says we have 81 entries and the gallery can accept 56.   Sandi H. B. got us 10 awards this year!   Sunday Feb. 18 will be notice of acceptance.   Monday March 18 drop off… need volunteers to drive paintings out there.   Pam said artists should drive their own and make arrangements with friends.   Hanging will be March 20 and 21 need volunteers.  Reception and awards will be April 12, 6-8, need volunteers.  Monday April 29 and pick up between 2 – 4 pm

There are only 4 spots left for Anne Abgott workshop!

Mary D. announced she will assist Tom Jones with the workshop on the 16th.

Members who teach need to share information on flyers, we get inquiries and need to know who to share them with.

News! – We get a 20% discount (Winsor Newton exempted) from Sam Flax on art supplies! Show your business card from CFWS members’ badge. 

Cheryl Fausel demonstration –  Cheryl taught herself watercolor to teach it, and is attracted to geometrics. The fellowship of watercolorists is unique and is an added benefit not found with oil painters or pastel. She works from photos. She is influenced by Laurin McCracken, who invites artists to show in Bologna Italy and she was chosen to represent the USA. Paintings have to be ½ sheet so that is what she paints mostly. Matthew Bird will take over from Laurin.  She starts with a simple sketch,  and traces it up on her light box.  Mask with masking tape (Ace hardware) not masking fluid. She does not use the blue tape. She uses a box cutter to cut the tape, not xacto knife. 

Cheryl Fausel demonstrates painting marbles in watercolor.
iPad has the marble image for guidance.
Painting the red marble. Paints –  Schmincke, Sennelier, Winsor Newton, M. Graham.   Not particular. Never take up the tape while it’s wet. She works wet on dry to get control. She likes the synthetic, Golden Maple brushes from Amazon, keeps a good point.  

To have the artwork look correctly, draw the way art is looked at. She is painting on a ceiling tile with contact paper because it’s lightweight.  She uses the tape to keep sharp edges – that is her style.  

Paper is Cold press 140# paper watercolor paper.  She paints at a 30 degree angle, uses credit cards to scrap the paint away, and a makeup brush from the dollar store to smooth the washes. 
Sometimes you have to get rid of a happy accident if it doesn’t work for the painting. Lift the tape with knife and clean the edges with damp brush, and scrubbing brush.  She plans her warms and cools in advance, likes the synthetic, Golden Maple brushes from Amazon, because they keep a good point.  
Tape can be left on a month or two, but no more. Score the tape and lift. 
Tools used for this demonstration. Thank you Cheryl for all the great tips!

Use a Magic eraser (melamine foam) to lift and redo. CAUTION: It can rough up the paper but you can burnish it with a spoon to smooth out the paper. She lifted and repainted a whole face in a painting!

We had a great turnout for Cheryl Fausel! Thank you for all who came and brought deicious snacks!!!


Please visit her website for more information on this talented artist:

Enjoy the many beautiful paintings of Cheryl A. Fausel!