We had a good turnout at our 2023 Holiday Party and in house art show event at Kingswood Manor Clubhouse. Thank you Janet for setting this up and to Renee for leading a team of volunteers. We had 46 people there, members and a few guests were greeted and checked in outside in lovely weather…..

Colette, Sandi, Susan, Leslie and Jackie greet CFWS members, and hand out the numbers for voting in the peoples choice art show!
Roberta L. and Faye T. hand out the raffle tickets to all members.Thank you for volunteering.
Janet adjusts Michel’s Santa Hat. To the left is the Anne Abgott presentation board for our CFWS workshop in April. Registration begins 1/1/24.
Colette, Sandi, Cathy, and Miriam catch up with each other.
Michel looking cute in his grinch t-shirt!

We had a wide variety of beautiful paintings in our People’s Choice art holiday showcase. Birds, flowers, landscapes, portraits, shuttle, boats, abstracts and so much more! Several folks mentioned how talented our member artists are!

Beverly chats with Debbie B. who Bev recruited last year after meeting at the Orlando Museum of Art.
Chauncey, Sandi, and Mary Kathryn relax.
David goes outside for a drink after getting a plate of food. We had so much delicious food and desserts to share. Thank you everyone who brought a plate!!!
Enjoying the festivities.
Diane and Bill relaxing with drinks.
Gini, Tom, Susie, Nancy, Sharon relaxing and chatting.
Stewart and Chauncey looking good.
Diane and volunteer lead Renee W.
Jackie and Miriam on the comfortable couch.
Marcela and Terri do a little catching up. Looking forward to the next plein air event at Lake Lily, in Maitland, on Dec. 16.
Jane, our jpeg guru, and Chauncey in his dapper holiday atire.
Ann and Marcela deep in conversation.
Jane, Leslie and Susan. Leslie keeps up our Facebook page and Susan does a great job setting up workshops. Thank you to all!
Janet starts the general meeting with Julie. Julie made the general announcements of the upcoming members show and the Anne Abgott workshop in April.
Tom Jones brought a lot of great raffles for our party – Thank You for your generousity Tom! Joan L. wins a palette from Tom Jones. Joan will doing a demonstration for our January meeting! Looking forward to that!
Jackie wins a prize with Pam looking on.
Tom hands Ann her raffle prize.
Mary Kathryn wins a raffle prize from Tom Jones.
Lauren K. wins a gift in the raffle.
Lois H. wins a special handmade bag by Tom’s wife.
Tom Jones raffled off a beautiful watercolor gift bag made by his wife.
Patsy M. wins a raffle prize from Tom!
Starr wins a raffle prize given out by Ken A.
Joan, Julie, Janet and Ken have fun and Janet wins a Aqua Elite Quill brush and paper as a prize for entering the SOARING member online show! Thouraya Z. (not pictured) also won a brush…an Aqua Elite!
Marcela wins a prize from Ken.
Ken congratulates Pam on a raffle win.
Sandi wins a raffle prize!
Suzie wins a raffle prize!
Ken, our founding father of the Central Florida Watercolor Society, talks with Mary. Mary constructed the Anne Abgott workshop board. Thank you Mary!

Lauralee enjoying the art show and looking cute while doing it.

Ted, one of our bartenders, wearing his cute shirt …thank you as always Ted!
THANK YOU to all the artists who brought beautiful mini paintings!
At our final event which was the voting and giving out the People’s Choice Awards… this is the moment we all wait for:

We congratulate the winners and thank everyone for entering the show!

Ken and Janet enjoy the members artwork!
Thank you to everyone who brought in all of the beautiful paintings!
Holiday Party photos courtesy of: Teresa C. and Lois H.
See you all next year!

REMINDER TO ATTEND OUR NEXT MEETING: On January 7th, 2024 our own member, Joan Lok, will be presenting a fascinating watercolor demonstration on Asian brush painting. How to use the materials as well as a flower painting.