It was a beautiful day at Mead Botanical Garden. After so much rain this week, it was great to get outdoors! Collette, Debbie, Sandi, Terri, Jesus, Gini, Leslie and Thouraya enjoyed painting in the butterfly garden.

Group photo: Collette, Debbie, Sandi, Terri, Jesus and Gini (pictured from left to right) breaking for lunch in the butterfly garden.

Debbie surrounded by greens of every shade imaginable.
Jesus painting in the beautiful butterfly garden.
Sandi paints under a lush garden arch.
Thouraya paints surrounded by natures beauty.
Path under the arch by Jesus S.
Landscape by Jesus S.
Bird feeders in landscape by Jesus S.
Bricks on the path by Thouraya Z.
Golden Bee by Thouraya Z.
Asian Rain Bells by Teresa C.

We were facinated by the Spider Hibiscus in the butterfly garden!