Julie presided over our action-packed February meeting. There was one new member from ArtSystems. Welcome Zarah!

CFWS Member Show update: Drop off paintings on March 1 from 12 – 4pm, volunteers needed to take paintings to the Mt. Dora Center for the ArtsContact Charlie C. if interested.

At the Mt. Dora reception, March 6 – 8 PM, please bring your favorite beverage.

Meeting are from 1:30 to 4:00pm. We would like for someone to step up and be the Hospitality Chair. Bring snacks if you like.

Donations were collected for “Friends of the Gentlemen” – an exhibit at the City Arts Factory, on May 18 (3rd Thursday) from 6 – 9PM. Art by Ken Austin, Chauncey Nelson, and Glen Ward, and there was a great response!


See you all at the exhibit and gallery talk … The 3 artists will give a gallery talk on Saturday, the 20th of May, at the City Arts Factory at 1:00 PM. . . See you there!

Plein airFeb. 25 at Rebecca W. house and dock. Please RSVP.

Tom Jones demo recap –      He starts on 300# and lays in the sky. No sketch today, but he very often starts with a sketch. He only uses bright white papers. First put in a Aureolin yellow starburst. Then add Permanent red deep. Then spray water so the colors flow better.  Then add Ultramarine blue. 

Tom starts with wet on wet background colors.

Have a variety of hard and soft edges (1/3) variety of color and variety of height of trees… this is good for the painting.

Cerulean blue put a touch into the darks. Put the reds along the edges of marshes or trees and it looks like it’s on fire.

He added reds to the side of the trees facing the sun…and a bit of Pyrrole Orange, a transparent color. He encourages us to paint our memories. Have something to say. 

Paint crazy trees – not all the same size. Using the rigger allows you to stay loose. Rigger brush keeps a point when you press down. On the other hand, a Liner brush flattens when you press down.
He lifted color from the trunks of the trees on the left. . by running a bead of water, then using a cotton rag to scrub out.
Contrast makes a beautiful painting. Be a painter of darks!
No dark – no drama.
No drama – no ribbon
No ribbon – no money
No money – no happy.
Finally, he removed the frisket for the white birds and then added the flock of birds. He touched up the Egrets using Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White.
Zarah wins the painting from Tom! Congratulations!

Tom was very generous in giving away many supplies to our members! Here are the winners of the drawings-

Lois wins a Tom Jones palette
Karen wins a brush.
Marian wins Strathmore
Leslie wins a watercolor book by Tom
Pam wins Strathmore pads
David wins a Tom Jones book
Use a sketch then paint from that instead of a photo to avoid too many details. He paints stories.

Tom encourages us to photograph any of the paintings he brought and to copy them, above are just a few that were on display.

Thank you Tom for a great demonstration and all of the great art tips!

Finally here is one of Tom’s quotes:

“The arts separate a civilized from an uncivilized society”