A group of hard working artists from the watercolor society got together to move our supplies on Thursday Feb. 2, 2023.

Leslie helps to hold up the door in our unit as we work.

Terri, Gini, Mary Kathryn, Mary. Leslie and Pam take a selfie after moving all those boxes and bags.
Leslie, Pam, Gini, Mary Kathryn and Mary making sure all our storage boxes are neatly tucked in their new home.
After all that hard work of changing our CFWS, it’s time to relax and get a bit to eat at Alex’s Fresh Kitchen!

Thanks for the idea Pam, the food was delicious! A good time was had by all!

See what you can miss out on if you don’t step up to volunteer. We have lots of fun, fun, fun while we work! And it’s all in the interest of our wonderful society!

We are still looking for a President and Vice President! Contact anyone on the board for help and information. We are happy to help any way we can!!

Now for some extra credit…… If you can guess correctly whose legs these are, you win a small art supply gift! Send your guess to [email protected]

Whose legs?