“Red Maple Tea” demonstration by Carrie Waller

This is the finished painting by Carrie.


Using round synthetic blend Artetje brush in size 4, Carrie painted on a piece of #156 lb. cp Arches, 15” x 18” taped down with artists white tape.

     She used Holbein masking in a ruling pen to mask out areas ahead of time. Take masking off a little at a time. When you have a details painting, mask only one section at a time. Masking what you will get to in the next couple of weeks, work on it, then remove and move to another section. Use rubber cement pick up.

Carrie demonstrated how to load and use a ruling pen. She had masked out her areas ahead of time.

     Carrie uses little plastic containers for paints, hinged on back, labeled with the names of analogous colors on each group. Dry out completely before you close the lids. She can put them on a bungie cord to travel. She recommends we do our own swatch cards of all our paints and remember to read about your pigments… are they staining, transparent, granular, etc.

Carrie’s travel containers of dried paints that can be grouped together on a bungie cord.
Swatch cards for each color is matched up with the paints in the containers. Refer to your swatch cards for pigment codes and paint characteristics like transparency, lightfastness, and granulation.

     Use as little graphite as you can, so you don’t see pencil. She makes her own tracing paper with graphite sticks.

     Using Pyrrol Red, Orange and Opera Pink she started the leaf with a loaded pigment in the brush. She rarely uses water on the brush. Glazing on one side with Opera pink gets the leaf to pop. Glazing on the other side with orange adds a warm glow.

Pyrrol red on the leaf is glazed while still wet … warmed on one side with Opera and the other side with Orange.
The tea cup is painted with Pyrrol Orange, in a creamy consistency, in the upper right area and then blended into the Aussie Red Gold, to be bold. Holbein bright violet is added to the outer rim.

     Her painting is like putting together puzzle pieces, normally one inch at a time. Her composition, values and design are worked out ahead in Photoshop. She spends a lot of time in the design phase. Plan your composition to keep eye in the painting. Pull the eye around and keep interest in the artwork. Don’t send the viewer out of the painting. Rule of odds should have, 3, 5, 7 in the painting. No symmetry, so tea cup is not dead center in this painting. To avoid mud, don’t use too much water or else it blends. Smaller brushes doesn’t hold as much water, so its better. Large brushes hold too much water.

     Paint a series, it’s not boring, if you paint different angles, shadows, etc. You get better and better the more you paint. She started with a calendar, a theme for every month. Still life is her favorite, and her first glass painting was for the series. She loves the colors, patterns and reflections in glass. 

She likes the Dot Cards from Daniel Smith, under $25, information on the back for each color. Also, Daniel Smith has a color chart that has all information on all colors. John Cogley, owner of Daniel Smith, has many YouTube videos for artists on their line of watercolors. 

Daniel Smith Dot Card and paint chart can be used as reference, along with info on a paint tube, to get information on paint properties of each color.

Holiday party – Dec.4    – In-person, Kingswood Manor, Holiday Party & Member Show 1737 Baltimore Drive. Orlando, FL 32810 (1-4 pm)  Richelle Siska, chair.  We will have our art show, munchies, mini-paintings, door prizes, and People’s choice award. If you have been to our past parties you know how fun they are. Volunteers will be needed!!

Central Florida Watercolor Society will have it’s annual watercolor show 

DATE – March 1-31, 2023 

WHERE – Mt. Dora Center for the Arts, 138 E. 5th Avenue, Mt. Dora, FL 32757 

RECEPTION –  March 10, 2023 from 6-8. 

Christopher Leeper will be the juror. 

CFWS will be hosting a live workshop with Christopher Leeper 

March 6, 7, 8, 2023 (9am-4pm) again at the Mt. Dora Center for the Arts. 

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Nov 19, 2022 Saturday – 10am to 3pm    Mead Gardens/winter park
1300 S Denning Drive, Winter Park 32789     WE’LL MEET Near the Amphitheatre and restrooms.

Dec 14, 2022 WEDNESDAY -10am to 2pm Nehrling Gardens

2267 Hempel Ave, Gotha 34734

$5 donation is appreciated. Use the Pedestrian Entrance on Hempel Ave.