‘Odyssey’ – Nancy Dias

CFWS member Nancy Dias received the ‘Sheila Varn Memorial Award’ for her painting ‘Odyssey’ from the Tallahassee Water Color Society at their awards reception on May 27. The TaWS 34th Annual Tri-State Water Media Exhibition is being held at the FSU Museum in Tallahassee, The exhibit will run through July 9, 2022.
Juror Alexis Levine, NW, commented: “This is a strong and powerful abstract, thanks to the strategic placement of contrasting values and intense colors. In spite of its abstract nature, the artist has created a definitive focal area, which pulls me in and engages me with this work. That one intense, glowing, BLUE shape, almost dead center, is essential and brilliantly done!”

Congratulations to Nancy on her recognition.

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