There was a great turn out for the plein air painting group: Marcela, Thouraya, Sandi, Pam, Leslie, Julie, Janet and Terri. We had beautiful weather and the rain held out until later in the day.
Watch out Leslie! Look out for the dinosaur in back of you!

Oh no… here comes another one! Pam painted this dino running through the gardens!

Leslie had lots of tips to share with us: the blue sponge is cut to alow a clip to attach it to the painting board that she sets her tools on.
Leslie demonstrates how to insert the clip into the slit that is cut into the sponge in between the layers.
Leslie also used a small piece of wood, from a big box store, to drill holes for screws to hole it to the tripod.

Sandi showed me how to get twice as many paintings out of one Arches watercolor pad. Fold every page in half and you can even paint on both sides to get even more paintings!
A side view of the folded pages. Another clever idea!
Sandi also had a personally, custom made sketch book with the watercolor papers she likes to use. She even designed her own favorite cover for the book.
Terri did a small watercolor study of the fractal patterns in Caladium leaves, in the butterfly garden.Did you know that there is a lot of math in nature?! 😎

Marcela painted a Jacaranda tree down by the lake.

Sandi did a tree, with beautiful drapping hanging moss.

All in all we had a great time! We shared our ideas, and tips. Lunch was on the patio by the main house where we enjoyed the view and the company.

Please join us for our next plein air… you too can pick up lots of tips and enjoy beautiful Orlando……..

May 20, 2023 Saturday 10am to 3 pm Lake Lily Park
701 Lake Lily Dr, Maitland, 32751