The Immortal City

TheOrlando Science Center has collaborated with members of the Central Florida Watercolor Society to create work with a Pompeii theme.


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Susan Grogan's favorite medium to paint with is watercolor. The luminosity is beautiful and the result can be stunning. But recently I have added alcohol ink to my list of favorites. It is challenging and enjoyable to work with, and the colors are vibrant and loose. I often take my creativity from nature when deciding what to paint. Now that I live in Florida, where inspiration is everywhere, I can choose from the beautiful tropical landscape, or the plentiful variety of birds. The inspiration is endless.  I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I did in creating them.   Susan is an award-winning artist and a member of the Central Florida Watercolor Society, and Florida Watercolor Society. The Mount Dora Center of the Arts, where she teaches advance watercolor classes. And also a member of the Winter Garden Art Association.

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'Images of Pompeii'
Watercolor on Gessoed Paper, 2020

I was so taken by the beautiful sculptures of Pompeii. It is amazing the artistry involved and the fact that they could withstand the nature's wrath.
Because of the beautiful texture in the photo, I chose to portray the image by painting watercolor on Gessoed watercolor paper, which gave me some wonderful bright colors and rich texture.

Painted from a photograph contributed by and authorized for creative use by: Charles Hanlin.