The Immortal City

TheOrlando Science Center has collaborated with members of the Central Florida Watercolor Society to create work with a Pompeii theme.


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Cindy Sturla is past president of the CFWS.  She has been working as a professional artist for the past 20 years.  Her favorite way of painting is en plein air, but she does studio work as well. After working sidewalk juried art shows for 5 years, she joined Gallery on First in Sanford Florida in 2006 and shares a studio with fellow watercolor Stewart Jones.  She has been active promoting art in Central Florida through her association with CFWS, as a member of Gallery on First and their outreach programs, and as an instructor teaching watercolor for the past 12 years.  She has earned awards through the years at Plein Air invitationals, as well as juried art shows.

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“Via Stabiana, Ancient Market Place”
Watercolor, 2020

The painting shows the ancient Marketplace of Pompeii on Via Stabiana. Mt Vesuvius in the distance. One can only imagine what a lively place this must have been.  Every space was occupied with shops selling produce, meat, fish, wine, fabric, household goods, spices, leather goods, anything the ancient people of Pompeii would have needed.  Pompeii was a wealthy seaside community where the very wealthy people of Rome would have come to enjoy living by the sea. One interesting note. If you notice the three large stones in the road.  These were stepping stones people could use when it rained and the road flooded. They were wide enough apart to allow carts and maybe carriages to go down the road. After many years of use you could see the grooves that had formed on the spaces between the steeping stones and through the road.