The Immortal City

TheOrlando Science Center has collaborated with members of the Central Florida Watercolor Society to create work with a Pompeii theme.


View the work of each artist by selecting name from the list below:

Pamela Merle is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. As a child, she loved watercolor but thought you had to have “natural, God-given talent” to be an artist. After 10 years of hard work and study, amazing teachers and the camaraderie of fellow artists of the CFWS, she has been able to make art she hopes is pleasing to the eye. Pam paints mostly nature, from humans to animals, landscapes to seascapes, pretty much anything that is beautiful, looks fun to paint, too!
Thank you to Orlando Science Center for giving us the opportunity to learn about Pompeii and share our art with your guests.

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Watercolor, 2020

The figure portrayed in my painting, “Citizen”, is an iconic body cast of an actual human male crouching as searing hot ash descended all around him, like snow. Mt. Vesuvius had erupted in AD79. In 1863, archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli devised a technique to pour plaster into the concrete-like volcanic ash voids left by people killed in one of the many Vesuvius explosions. Many have wondered, “What was he thinking about at this moment?”. I tried to convey his hopelessness so evidently seen in this beautiful “sculpture”, actually made by accident!

Photo credit: Marcela Moglia